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We’re an independent local optician, optometrist, and eyewear specialist in Market Harborough, Leicestershire. We offer a range of optical services, including eye tests and contact lens examinations, together with a comprehensive range of stylish and unique prescription glasses and sunglasses.

At Respectacle Company, we believe choosing glasses should be an enjoyable experience, and certainly not a hassle or a chore. You won’t find any mass-produced frames here; only carefully selected designer eyewear from the best optical brands in the UK, Europe, and beyond.

So, if you’re feeling uninspired and incompatible with your current eyewear, or simply fancy a change, please do come and see us. We’ll help you to find the perfect spectacles so you’ll fall in love with wearing glasses all over again.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to book your next eye test, or visit the store and take a look at our eyewear collections. We think you’ll find us quite interesting.

Alison & Rob
Optician Market Harborough
Optician Market Harborough
Optician Market Harborough
Optician Market Harborough
Optician Market Harborough

Optician Market Harborough
Opticians Market Harborough
Optician Market Harborough
Opticians Market Harborough
Optician Market Harborough
  • Steff Suter Avatar

    positive review  Picked up my new specs today service and product 10 out of 10.
    I can see clearly now !

    Steff Suter 6/23/2021
    Naomi Stel Avatar

    positive review  Super stylish and extremely in trend with great personal service. Alison and her team are extremely passionate when it comes... read more

    Naomi Stel 3/01/2021
    susan rickman Avatar

    Excellent service nothing is to much trouble, great range of glasses, would'nt go anywhere else

    susan rickman 9/25/2020
    Benjamin Ratia-Hanby Avatar

    My Gotti sun glasses look great and are very comfy, excellent for being outdoors in the sun and definitely a... read more

    Benjamin Ratia-Hanby 7/03/2020
    Mike Southwell Avatar

    positive review  Brilliant service. The retinal imaging machine means that Mr Hanby could check every detail of the inner workings of my... read more

    Mike Southwell 2/27/2020
    Ren Stimpson Avatar

    First class. Polite,professional and superb quality at reasonable prices. Cannot fault the service or the product.

    Ren Stimpson 12/12/2019
    Jacquie Birks Avatar


    So, I have approximately 20 pairs of spectacles collected over the last few years from a well known high...
    read more

    Jacquie Birks 12/12/2019
    David Jones Avatar

    Alison and the guys are just great straight forward and honest Always willing to help and very knowledgeable. Mr Hanby... read more

    David Jones 12/12/2019
  • Alison Mayes Avatar

    positive review  What a lovely friendly place! Not only do they provide great service but they have a fabulous selection of frames... read more

    Alison Mayes 12/05/2019
    Tracy Dixon-Maynard Avatar

    positive review  I’m currently writing this with the benefit of being able to read it! Absolutely love my new photochromic lens reading... read more

    Tracy Dixon-Maynard 10/22/2019
    Helen Jordan Avatar

    positive review  I would highly recommend Respectacle. The shop is stylish, the range of glasses fantastic & Alison & her team are... read more

    Helen Jordan 10/06/2019
    Ben Lamb Avatar

    Really pleased with the service I received from Respectacle. I've had my eyes examined by optometrist Tim on several occasions... read more

    Ben Lamb 10/04/2019
    Jonathan Simpson Avatar

    Alison & her team give a great service. Nothing is too much trouble and they are a pleasure to deal... read more

    Jonathan Simpson 10/02/2019
    Andrea Fawaz Avatar

    positive review  My husband had his eyes tested snd purchased beautiful and stylish glasses. He could not have received better attention and... read more

    Andrea Fawaz 8/29/2019
    Kirsty Gilbert Avatar

    positive review  What a find!! Wonderful customer service, extremely professional and friendly staff.. I would throughly recommend The Respectacle Company. Great... read more

    Kirsty Gilbert 8/15/2019
    Jane Fletcher Avatar

    positive review  If you want eyewear that is fabulous, stylish, different and top quality this is THE place to go. A totally... read more

    Jane Fletcher 12/01/2018
  • Helen Wendy Stretton Avatar

    positive review  Brilliant service calm chilled atmosphere. I was made to feel special and lots of time was during making a choice... read more

    Helen Wendy Stretton 10/30/2018
    Mandie Bland Avatar

    positive review  Great service here... have used Mr Hanby for many years from when I first needed correction and he has always... read more

    Mandie Bland 7/18/2018
    Barbara Strevens Avatar

    positive review  If you want a superb choice of frames, efficient service and care then this is the place for you. I... read more

    Barbara Strevens 6/17/2018
    Sandra Payne Avatar

    positive review  Great service from all of the team. So pleased with my new reading glasses, such a fantastic range of... read more

    Sandra Payne 10/01/2016

Eye Examinations

Regular eye tests are an important part of your general health care routine. Not only does the full eye examination check your vision, but it also detects signs of other possible underlying health problems. Here at Respectacle Company, we have invested in the latest technology to offer all of our customers a full and comprehensive eye examination. Everyone should have their eyes tested by a qualified optometrist at least every two years, although some medical conditions require more frequent checkups, which your optician should advise you about.

When you book an eye test, our fully qualified and experienced optometrist will carry out a full and comprehensive examination of your eyes. This examination normally takes between 30-40 minutes, during which time they will carry out a full range of clinical tests and examinations to check your vision and the health of your eyes. We aim to deliver an exceptional standard of eye care and we deliver this high standard regardless of our customers’ budgets. All of our customers receive the same amount of time and care, regardless of whether they are a private patient or entitled to a free NHS examination.

Contact Lenses

As the world of contact lenses develops and more products are launched onto the market, it increases the number of people we are able to offer contact lenses to. So, if you’ve not been able to wear contact lenses in the past but would like to give them a try, it’s worth asking us to see if anything has changed. Whether you’re an existing contact lens wearer or are considering contacts for the first time, Respectacle Company is the go-to place for contact lenses in Market Harborough.

We have a large portfolio of contact lenses available including daily, monthly, and gas permeable lenses. Most of which come in single vision, toric and multifocal prescriptions. And as an independent opticians, we are not restricted by what products we can offer. With a selection of different materials available we can successfully fit most patients with a suitable product for their prescription and lifestyle needs, ensuring comfort and clarity. We also hold a stock of contact lenses in our store, so many of our customers can be supplied with contact lenses without having to wait.

OCT Scans

Having a comprehensive eye examination checks your vision and the health of your eyes. The examination can also tell us a lot about your overall health. At Respectacle Company our customers’ health and wellbeing are of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we have invested in Optical Coherence Tomography imaging technology, also known as an OCT scan. Our hospital-grade equipment takes an advanced and detailed scan of the layers of your eyes. This in-depth examination produces a comprehensive 3D scan of your eye which is similar to an ultrasound scan.

We believe regular OCT scans are an essential ongoing health record of the condition of your eyes. These records are a great benchmark to work from when assessing changes or abnormalities within your eyes. Many common eye conditions are hereditary, can be triggered through the long-term use of some medications or through lifestyle. But if diagnosed at an early stage through an OCT scan, the condition can be successfully managed or prevented. Our fully qualified and experienced optometrist has undergone extensive training in OCT analysis to ensure that we offer a full and comprehensive diagnosis of each consultation.

Seiko Lenses

We’re proud to be a Seiko lens specialist. In our opinion, they are one of the best lens companies in the world, producing the highest quality optical lenses. Seiko is committed to tailoring each type of lens perfectly so that the Seiko lens wearer experiences the best possible vision in all settings, tasks, and occasions. These world-leading lenses are designed to offer a clear, natural vision.

Seiko lenses are up to 50% thinner and 45% lighter than ordinary plastic lenses, improving cosmetic appearance and comfort. Within the Seiko family, there is a lens suitable for everyone’s needs and lifestyle, from single vision lenses generally used for either distance vision or reading, through to progressive lenses that combine distance, intermediate, and near vision prescriptions within one lens.

Their state-of-the-art technological processes and manufacturing techniques, together with expert workmanship, give customers beautiful aesthetically pleasing optical lenses that are visually precise and natural. Seiko lenses allow for edge-to-edge clarity which is comfortable to wear using their balance zone technology, making Seiko lenses some of the more technically advanced optical lenses available. By choosing Seiko lenses you are always assured of the highest quality optical lenses.
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