It’s time for another one of our “In the Frame” customer Q&A features. This month we are talking with popular local Pilates teacher Jane Fletcher, who is a former ballerina with the English National Ballet Company. Jane, who is a longstanding Respectacle Company customer, has studied Pilates throughout her professional career.

Although she hung up her tutu some time ago, Jane has continued to practice and study Pilates, and now runs classes in Market Harborough, East Farndon, Medbourne, Cranford, Broughton and Orlingbury in Northamptonshire.

We recently caught up with Jane to talk about her eyewear style, and why she chose her Theo glasses and Woow prescription sunglasses.

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Eye Care

Here at Respectacle Company we have a lot of loyal, long standing customers who have been coming to us and Mr Hanby, our optometrist, for many years and we value their loyalty. We believe they trust and value our experience, expertise and judgement and we always do everything we can to offer the best service and advice possible. We love that our customers feel they can call in if they have any concerns about their eye health; to have an informal chat and know that there is always someone available to be able to assist them with any problems they have with their eyes.
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Dirty Glasses

One of the questions that we’re frequently asked is ‘how do I keep my glasses clean’? What people don’t seem to appreciate is that the majority of us wear our spectacles all day every day. And in the majority of cases for a good couple of years. Most of us wouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes every day for two years and expect them to stay in pristine condition. We can’t expect our spectacles to stay in tip top condition and certainly not if we don’t care about keeping them clean.

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