A time for reflection: looking back on 2022

As we sign off another year, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and prosperous new year. Despite the usual hustle and bustle of a busy December, it is also the perfect time to stop and reflect and look back over the past year and re-evaluate where we are, what we’ve achieved over the last year and what we want to improve upon as we go into 2023.

Looking back on 2022, one of the most significant things we’ve achieved this year is to resume long overdue travel plans. Many people have finally been able to enjoy that holiday they had planned and booked before Covid and lockdowns. People have started to go and see loved ones further afield, even travelling as far as Australia for Christmas to see friends and family who they haven’t been able to see for over two years.

We’ve also seen the return of popular global sporting events, although many were not without disruption with small covid outbreaks. Television programmes have returned to near normal, like the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing bringing back live studio audiences, and I’m a Celebrity returning to its usual home in Australia.

Here at Respectacle, we have followed the recommendations outlined by our governing bodies to comply with covid regulations to keep ourselves and our customers safe. Along with using protection screens and continuing with mask-wearing, sanitising, and general cleaning processes, we also implemented an appointment-only policy to control how many people we allow into the practice. It was a policy we implemented to ensure we didn’t become overcrowded, and it enabled customers to be attended to as quickly as possible, removing any waiting time.


Due to lockdown restrictions, health issues and trying to remain safe, some customers have become anxious about sharing space with others. We also know that it is not always easy for customers to get into the store to collect their spectacles or contact lenses. We delivered to customers during the lockdown and have continued to operate this service. However, we’re also conscious about the environment and pollution, so we invested in an electric bike. You might see us whizzing around town on that. If you do, give us a wave! With sustainability in mind, we now also stock reusable lens cleaning sprays that we will refill for our customers free of charge, reducing the amount of single-use plastic containers.

As the year has moved on and everything is opening and returning to what they call a new normal, we have recently reviewed our working environment. Although we love the interior of our store, we felt it needed a bit of a makeover. We wanted to open up the space and be more welcoming to our visitors. With the protection screen and reception desk working well to stop people from flowing around the store during the early days of the pandemic, we now see it as a barrier. So, we’ve moved things around and replaced and repurposed items to offer a more open, relaxed, and welcoming space. We will continue our little revamp over the Christmas and new year period. Pop in when you’re passing by and see what you think. There’s always a coffee on offer!

Speaking of the holiday season, we will be shutting the practice so our hard-working team can enjoy a much-needed break. The shop will close at lunchtime on the 22nd of December, and we will be back open on the 3rd of January 2023, refreshed, reinvigorated and ready for new adventures in 2023. See you then!

All of us here at Respectacle Company wish you and yours a happy holiday season and a joyous New Year.

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