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Christmas Gift Ideas from Respectacle Company

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re sure most of you are now concentrating on your Christmas arrangements. There’s so much to do, from planning family and friend visits, ordering turkeys (if there’s any available), stocking up on chocolate (if the supplies hold out), shopping for Christmas presents for loved ones and putting up decorations.

Seiko Vision Xperience

Over the last few months, we have invested in some new dispensing equipment. We are thrilled to announce that we are now up and running with the Seiko Vision Xperience or column, as we affectionately call it. A complete measuring system, the column helps us to dispense the full range of Seiko individualised lenses accurately.

Be cautious when buying online contact lenses

With Halloween just around the corner and the opportunity to buy many different devilish designed contact lenses over the internet, we advise everyone to be careful when purchasing these products. Many online sellers are not regulated as we are when supplying contact lenses. Contact lenses are a medical device and require a valid prescription. But […]

Look stylish like GBBO’s Prue in Theo eyewear

The short spell of sunshine we recently experienced has come to an end and summer has very quickly moved into autumn. The days are getting shorter, colder and unfortunately wetter. But on a positive note, with the night’s drawing in we can start to settle into cosy evenings watching some of our favourite shows which […]

The advantages of switching to contact lenses

Contact lenses have been available from optical practices for as long as the NHS has been operating their spectacle voucher scheme. They are steeped in history, with the first and most basic concept of a contact lens being credited to the great inventor, Leonardo da Vinci. Whilst he was unable to produce a working contact […]

Like them or loathe them: all you need to know about Varifocal Lenses

There are many different types of spectacle lenses available on the market. As we age, there will most likely come a time when your optician recommends switching to a varifocal lens. Varifocal lenses are the most advanced type of lens you can buy. They provide vision for all distances in a single lens and are […]

Bloom to Zoom with Seiko Lenses

It’s a different working world we find ourselves living in since restrictions lifted in what we refer to as ‘freedom day’. Talking to our customers, many are still working from home and probably will continue for the foreseeable. With remote working becoming a long term or even permanent switch for many people, businesses have had […]


Respectacle Company announces a new addition to their optical team

  Our small family-run independent optical practice is excited to announce that we have welcomed a new addition to the Respectacle team here in Market Harborough. With over ten years of optical experience, Chris will be working in a dispensing capacity. He has worked in both independent optical practices and for a well-known chain of […]

Why it’s important to have regular eye examinations

We often talk about the importance of having regular eye examinations because we can see so much about our general health through the health of our eyes. Many eye conditions can be treated or controlled if diagnosed early enough. If left undetected, they can cause sight loss. Regular eye examinations can also detect diabetes and […]

Glasses for guys: what’s new in our masculine eyewear collections

At Respectacle Company, we take the time to get to know our customers. We’ve always got time for a chat and a catch-up. During a recent conversation with a couple of our male clients, it came to our attention that our eyewear collections are focused heavily on our female client base. So clearly, we needed […]