Bloom to Zoom with Seiko Lenses

It’s a different working world we find ourselves living in since restrictions lifted in what we refer to as ‘freedom day’. Talking to our customers, many are still working from home and probably will continue for the foreseeable. With remote working becoming a long term or even permanent switch for many people, businesses have had to re-evaluate how people work. There have been positives to come out of these restricted times in our lives.

We all want a better work/life balance, and many of our customers feel that working from home enables them to strike a better balance between their work and home life. It’s given them more time for family and friends. But they have also enjoyed the flexibility of getting out and about, pursuing pastimes and hobbies.

We’ve noticed that many customers visiting the practice have complained of experiencing eye strain and headaches over the last few months. It is most likely due to the extra hours being spent using digital devices and many Zoom calls and virtual team meetings. We’ve also had people wanting to update their spectacles, who have become very aware of the different coatings and tints available for optical lenses. We can only attribute this to the amount of time people spend seeing head and shoulder shots of themselves and work colleagues.

Up to 40% of spectacle wearers use the same pair of spectacles for all purposes. With an increase in the use of digital devices, there are now different lenses and coatings available to meet our lifestyle changes. Seiko offers a lens called Indoor PC which is designed for people who predominantly work at a PC for most of the day. This lens is based on the wearer’s reading or near vision correction but has a degression worked within the lenses to allow the wearer intermediate focal length too. An office worker who predominantly sits at a desk working for the majority of the time on a computer would receive a wide field of view with these lenses at the near vision focal length around the desk. They would also receive clear vision if they looked at another colleague standing about 2 meters away across the office. There are several different options for different focal lengths. So whatever your working environment we have a solution for you.

For people who use digital devices a lot – and to be honest, most of us use them more now than we did a few years ago – we have the Seiko SmartZoom lens. Predominately a single vision lens for distance vision, it has a little hidden ‘button’ in the bottom of the lenses. So when you look at your device, it gives you just enough magnification to focus on the small font size without overworking your eyes and experiencing eye strain. We are so excited to offer Seiko SmartZoom lenses here at Respectacle.

Spectacle wears can also choose between a range of coatings for different activities. All Seiko coatings are full multi-layer anti-reflection coatings. They have a hard coat to protect lenses against scratches and scuffs. But each one has a different bias for a different function:

Super Resistant Coating is a premium coating for general purpose use.

Road Clear Coat is a premium coating like the Super Resistant Coating. But this coating has a bias towards driving. It helps to reduce the glare which motorists often experience whilst driving at night or in wet conditions.


Super Resistant Blue has all of the features of the Super Resistant Coating. But it has a bias towards digital devices which emit blue light. This coating helps to reduce or filter out blue light.

We have many other solutions available for our customers, including tints, mirror finishes and polarised lenses. Whatever you need for your day to day activities, we have it covered. Please get in touch with us by calling 01858 433 577, or send an email to

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