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You can’t help but smile when you think of Booth & Bruce eyewear. This collection is full of fun, colour, and with a twist on the classic shapes being brought bang up to date.

The Booth & Bruce collection was born in the vibrant fashionable seaside resort of Brighton in the 1990s. Their desire was to create an English brand that delivered funky, fashionable frames to forward-thinking spectacle wearers who dared to be different and boy have they delivered. Over the years the brand has evolved and grown from the small but strong roots of Brighton, putting new shoots throughout the UK and around the world. You can now find discerning Booth & Bruce wearers around Europe, America, and as far afield as Australia and New Zealand.

Booth & Bruce have always kept their feet firmly on British soil and remained true to their original ethos, British roots, and desires. The Booth & Bruce collection is a collaboration of urban chic, daring design, and a palette of colour schemes to push the boundaries. Each frame is designed by taking inspiration from everyday characters, using a play on colour, shape, and material combinations, but always keeping these characters at the forefront of each eyewear piece.

The Booth & Bruce collection featured in the highly respected magazine 20/20 Europe. Within the article ‘Best of British 2017 spotlight on the trending labels’. The 20/20 Europe magazine article examined some of the highlights in a country where eyewear has finally hit the fashion headlines. The article went on to showcase the company’s optical and sunglass collections.

“The UK market has developed an eclectic mix of eyewear brands, a new wave of retailers, and a consumer who is closer to discovering the stylish opportunities of glasses.”

Booth & Bruce have three collections within their range of eyewear, the ‘Here and Now’ collection, the ‘Design’ collection, and ‘Sun’ by Booth & Bruce. Each collection features a selection of both acetate and metal pieces, some paying homage to iconic pieces such as the classic aviator and panto shapes. But each has been remodelled with a twist of colour and a hint of magic to bring a smile to both the wearer and its audience. The sun collections continue along the same theme and broaden your smile with each model named to reflect shape, colour, and invention. With names like ‘Prima Donna’, ‘Hustler’ and ‘Hipster Obviously’ these pieces ooze confidence, fun, and playfulness.

We have to say Booth & Bruce eyewear is going down a storm in the middle shires of Market Harborough.