A killer pair of sunglasses is a staple of our summer wardrobe and it’s probably a staple of yours too. For us it’s not just about looking good; it’s also about protecting our precious eyes from the harsh bright sunshine. It’s one of the reasons why National Sunglasses Day was established on the 27th June; to highlight the importance of wearing high quality eyewear to protect against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.
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Children Eye Test

At what age should children have their first eye test?

As many of you may know, Luana who has worked for Respectacle Company for a couple of years is currently on maternity leave. She gave birth to a bouncing baby boy last month and we’re pleased to say both are doing well.

Bringing a new life into the world comes with huge responsibilities, and looking after their health and wellbeing is a top priority for new parents. And that includes making sure their eyes are healthy. Fortunately eye checks are part of their routine developmental assessment.
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Welcome to the very first of our customer Q&A features called “In the Frame”. It’s an opportunity to sit down with some of our lovely customers, to ask them how their lifestyle has influenced the eyewear choices they have made. First up we have Sarah Poli, who has a very busy life, running two popular local eateries, The Lighthouse and Boboli in Kibworth Beauchamp and Kibworth Harcourt respectively.

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world environment day

Here at Respectacle Company we make it our mission to partner with the coolest, most unique eyewear brands on the market. This month, to tie in with World Environment Day (5th June) and National Eyewear Day (6th June) our chosen eyewear designer for our “Spotlight” feature is Vinylize; a Hungarian brand that undeniably epitomises unique and cool by remodelling old vinyl records into some of the most beautiful and stylish eyewear we’ve ever seen. And we’ve seen a lot of glasses!

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Model Eyewear

Leon joins the team as our newest apprentice It’s an exciting time for Respectacle Company Opticians because our little optical store is growing. Earlier in the year we advertised for an apprentice to join the Respectacle team. And with the help of Salad Skills, we were able to find a suitable candidate to fill the […]

Albert I'mStein Eye Collection

The first few months of the year are always such a busy time at Respectacle Company. Most of the trade shows are held between January and March, and we try to attend as many as we possibly can. It’s important for us to keep abreast of emerging trends, as well as any new developments within […]

Photochromic Lenses

As the clocks spring forward into the next month of the year, April arrives, bringing with it some of the most changeable weather of the entire year. Get ready for lovely bright sunshine with clear blue skies one day, to cooler temperatures and heavy rain the next. With this in mind we wanted to tell you about a fabulous new product which Seiko lenses are now offering. We think it’s a great addition to their portfolio of already great optical lenses, and the perfect solution for spectacle wearers who have to deal with Britain’s changeable weather.

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March is one of our favourite months of the year. It’s a month of new beginnings, with fresh new growth popping up in the garden and days starting to draw out as we approach the first day of spring. As the winter months start to fade behind us, we look forward to the start of British summer time and hopefully better weather and warm sunny days.

Another reason we love March so much is because it’s a month chockfull of awareness days. Marie Curie hold their daffodil appeal this month; the Downs Syndrome Association have their awareness week (21st), marking it by wearing odd socks. It’s also World Glaucoma Week (10th-16th), International Women’s Day (8th) and World Book Day (7th). And let’s not forget that March is Alison’s birthday month too.

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Romantic Eyewear by Carline Abram

As February is known as the month of love, and Paris is famous for being the city of romance, we thought we would showcase one of our beautiful feminine collections from Paris.

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Eyecare by Respectacle Company

As ‘dry January’ draws to an end and a lot of people pat themselves on the back for doing so well, before you pop the cork on that bottle that’s been looking at you for the last month, just remember it’s all about moderation. Something to consider, especially if your New Year’s Resolution includes adopting a healthier lifestyle.
Making healthy lifestyle changes shouldn’t just include eating healthy and exercising more.

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