Colours and eyewear trends for 2024

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In December, Pantone announced that Peach Fuzz – a soft pastel peach colour with warm undertones – would be their Colour of the Year for 2024. This is the 25th year that the Pantone Institute has released a colour of the year, something they started to engage colour enthusiasts from all over the globe to start a conversation about colour and the influence it has across many different industries.

Many designers started to dress their celebrity clients in peach-coloured clothes for events in 2023. Last March, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson wore a peach-toned dinner jacket to the Oscars, and Uma Thurman was spotted at the Women Making History Awards Gala that same month sporting a gorgeous peach dress. Designers such as Gucci, Jill Sander and Sportmax featured peach tones when they showcased their 2024 spring/summer collections.

Now, the colour peach is not compatible with everyone’s skin tone. But as it’s a warm colour, there are different hues that can added to a spectacle frame to make it work for everyone. Peach Fuzz will work well this year with the strong trends for eyewear we’re likely to see during 2024.

One of the major trends this year is gradient frames, which have been re-imagined from a bygone era. Eyewear designers have introduced a plethora of colour hues where the colour at the top of the frame graduates down through the frame to either a lighter or darker shade of the top colour or diffuses through to a complimenting colour. We have a selection of frames from Starck (and more) that follow this trend, and we will showcase more throughout the year.

Eyewear Trends 2024

Starck SH3074

Eyewear Trends 2024

Coral Lockhart

Transparent frames are another big trend we’ve seen throughout Europe over the last couple of years, and their popularity is now spreading over here. This look blends seamlessly with all skin tones, so everyone can effortlessly wear this trend. We have stocked transparent and translucent frames for a while now. L.G.R have embraced this trend brilliantly and offer a selection of not only transparent but also lightly tinted frames such as the Dakhla, which comes in a variety of hues from crystal pink and crystal blue through to black.

Now, let’s talk about frame shapes for 2024. There are a couple of significant themes showing this year. The first is big oversized square frames manufactured in acetate or metals, and of course, the growing swing into sustainable and recycled materials. Coral Eyewear, a brand we stock, ticks these boxes with its recycled plastics and big square model called Lockhart. The other shapes running through many of our current collections are the hexagonal and flat-topped frames; both pop up every few decades. Think retro styling twisted for tomorrow.

Another trend which we think will be very popular this year is different coloured tints. The availability of different colours has grown over the last few years. Instead of just offering tints in brown, grey or green for sunglasses, we now have a rainbow of different colours. We stock Seiko lenses as they have a huge selection of colours, from different hues of browns to greens, pinks, purples, blues, and greys. They also have different depths of tints. So, if you wanted just a light hint of colour, a full-blown dark tint for protection from the sun or a graduated tint running down through the lenses, Seiko has it covered. We can even offer a peach tone to be bang on trend.

Nifties Eyewear

Nifties NI9514

Woow Eyewear

Woow Shine On 1

Here at Respectacle Company, we have curated a selection of frames inspired by the 2024 Pantone Colour of the Year. We would love to show you some frames from Nifties, Woow and Caroline Abram that perfectly complement the trendy Peach Fuzz hue. The optical is open Tuesday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm and from 9 am to 4 pm on Saturday.

Caroline Abrams Eyewear

Caroline Abram Heta and Charlotte

Caroline Abram Vincenta

Caroline Abram Vincenta

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