Contact Lenses

As the world of contact lenses develops and more products are launched onto the market, it increases the number of people we are able to offer contact lenses to. So, if you’ve not been able to wear contact lenses in the past but would like to give them a try, it’s worth asking us to see if anything has changed. Whether you’re an existing contact lens wearer or are considering contacts for the first time, Respectacle Company is the go-to place for contact lenses in Market Harborough.


Having the option to wear contact lenses gives the wearer the flexibility and freedom to swap and change their eyewear options to fit their lifestyle needs. Whether it’s playing a sport, partaking in a hobby, or wearing fashion sunglasses without incurring the added expense of prescription sunglasses, we offer many flexible solutions. With contact lenses, you don’t have to carry multiple pairs of spectacles, sunglasses, or sports eyewear. In fact, contact lenses can be a safer option for spectacles when playing some sports or physical activities.


With new technology and innovations being launched, the contact lens industry is evolving rapidly. The quality of contact lenses is constantly improving and with new materials becoming available, and the range of powers increasing, more and more people are now able to wear contact lenses.  We at Respectacle Company work hard to keep up-to-date with the latest developments. That way we can advise our customers about the latest contact lens innovations available to them on the market and the benefits of these products.


To ensure your eyes remain healthy, regular check-ups are vitally important if you wear contact lenses. So we offer a regular recall system and free trial lenses to ensure the contact lenses are completely suitable for you before committing to a full supply. Alcon, our contact lens supplier, also offers a unique ordering system, where you can place an order through their website and have your contact lenses delivered to an address of your choice. We keep the site updated with your current prescription, contact lens type, and recall dates, so you are always confident of ordering the correct lenses for your needs.


We have a large portfolio of contact lenses available including daily, monthly, and gas permeable lenses. Most of which come in single vision, toric and multifocal prescriptions. We’re an independent optician, so we are not restricted by what products we can offer. With a selection of different materials available we can successfully fit most patients with a suitable product for their prescription and lifestyle needs, ensuring comfort and clarity. We also hold a stock of contact lenses in our store, so many of our customers can be supplied with contact lenses without having to wait.


At Respectacle Company we pride ourselves on our value for money pricing policy. We can offer a range of contact lens solutions to suit all budgets. Whether it’s occasional single-use contact lenses or full-time wearing for many hours each day, we offer a comprehensive range of contact lenses. You won’t be tied to a direct debit scheme if you don’t want to be, and we offer individual packages to suit individual needs and budgets. We only supply trusted companies such as Alcon and Johnson and Johnson, and all contact lenses are individually fitted to each patient.

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