Caroline Abram eyewear is a beautifully feminine collection from Paris. These pieces of master crafted eyewear flirt outrageously with colour and seduce you with their bevel edges, curvaceous shapes and polished facets. Caroline mixes these assets together with elegant shapes inspired from the vintage sixties era that gave us cat eyes and sleek sophisticated styling.

Caroline has been designing jewels and accessories for the eyewear market since 1998. She first met international success with her designs for the now little known object called a lorgnette.

Caroline won two gold Silmo awards for her work and her reputation started to grow. The company trained a team of women in Dakar, where Caroline had spent most of her childhood and opened a workshop. They have now been manufacturing all Caroline Abrams accessory lines for the past  fifteen years.

Throughout Caroline’s career she has travelled extensively and has always been charmed by Florida and in particular the old fashioned vintage warmth of Miami.  Inspired by these interesting places she’d visited over the years, Caroline Abram’s eyewear was launched in 2008. The collection draws inspiration from the sixties, vintage and the old fashioned elegance of the south beach in Miami. Included in her collection are pieces displaying beautiful feminine cat-eye shapes with elegant twists of colour.

The collection overall is impulsive with beautiful elegant lines, fun, with a stylish colour palette used with passion and confidence. Caroline Abram glasses and sunglasses are styled for ladies who are confident, in control, like to have fun, are flirtatious but keep their femininity.
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