Christian Dior Eyewear

Christian Dior eyewear is one of the most iconic brands in the world. The collection oozes elegance and effortless beauty.

The fashion house was founded in 1946 and remains one the highest regarded fashion houses today with Christian Dior branding being one of the most recognisable around the world.

The House of Dior is acknowledged to be one of the first major fashion houses to permit its name to be licensed as an eyewear brand. The eyewear was very well received and many of the 1970’s and 80’s models remain immensely collectable today. The oversized shapes with their characteristic fenestrated lugs have been imitated many times, which some would interpret as the ultimate compliment and the CD logo has become recognisable around the globe.

Dior worked with Austrian Wilhelm Anger, the founder of Viennaline who coined the phrase ‘Dress your face’ and the first Dior eyewear collection was manufactured, becoming widely available in 1969. The collection was synonymous with luxury, although the idea of visible branding at this time was very unfamiliar to most people.

In the 1970’s the Dior range opened up new styling methods using a new material called Optyl. This allowed the casting of frames which demonstrated a new three dimensional effect, a look which had never been achieved before with handmade spectacles. The ‘soft look’ of the early 70’s exploited this material and Dior were able to introduce more colour and shapes into their frames. The company started to build on a new concept of spectacle frames becoming more of a piece of art or jewellery, and matching frames and brooches soon became available.

The spectacles demonstrated the attention to detail that the House of Dior demanded and the materials, shapes and colours were researched just as the clothing lines were, which reinforced the luxury nature of the brand.

By the early 1980’s The Optyl company were producing twelve new models a year for Dior. Each model came in six different colours and two sizes, which gave customers much more choice than most other brands at the time, whilst retaining its sophisticated label. Over the years Christian Dior is accredited for playing a key part in elevating eyewear into a high fashion accessory.

The eyewear brand has continued to grow and is now favoured by many A list celebrities, choosing Dior for its quality materials, understated branding detailing and beautiful styling.

Each individually designed piece is styled using the Dior fashion ethos, quilting, gross grain stitching and harmonising colours are all elements which are highlighted within the collection.

“In matters of elegance the detail is as important as the essential” – Christian Dior

Christain Dior Eyewear