Dutz Eywear

We love this cheeky Dutch collection. Dutz glasses are very distinctive and boasts two tone colours using the highest quality Swiss coatings to give a beautiful matt finish. The collection offers a mixture of beautiful stainless steel frames which intermingle with an eclectic mixture of stunning, hand finished acetate frames.

Living the dream was the plan of these Dutch designers when they started the company in 2005. Dutz listened to their customers and went the extra mile to be different and have worked hard to deliver what customers want in their eyewear collections.

Their business philosophy is to be instinctive, not too strict and always bending the rules. They understand the challenges opticians are faced with and as a result of their understanding, patience and attention to detail, they have established a loyal following of customers throughout the Netherlands. Dutz developed a worldwide distribution network across twenty three countries and we are thrilled to be part of this network.

Dutz eyewear never rest on their laurels and as they step into the next stage of their development they are always setting themselves new goals. Their aims are to always remain different from the rest and continue to offer sellable and fashionable frames, whilst continuing to push the boundaries.

We’ve enjoyed the Dutz eyewear collection so much we have now expanded the brand and are stocking their new Dutz Zero 15 range of glasses – ‘when gravity meets colour’.

These titanium limited edition pieces are light and tough, giving the discerning wearer, who prefer to be logo free, a strong distinctive look combined with elegance and a splash of colour to really set them apart and make a statement through their eyewear.