Gotti Glasses

Gotti eyewear brings together traditional values, craftsmanship and high tech industrial innovation to create elegant, timeless gotti glasses and sunglasses. The company was founded by Zurich-based optician-turned-designer Sven Gotti in 1993. Even today, almost all of the company’s employees at their headquarters are trained opticians.

The Swiss eyewear brand is smart and minimalist, blending design with functionality. There’s three stunning eyewear collections to choose between – Gotti Switzerland, Gotti Perspective and Gotti Dimension. While the glasses are designed in Switzerland, Gotti glasses and Gotti sunglasses are produced by leading manufacturers in Japan, Austria and Germany.

Gotti Switzerland’s high-quality frames are made from three-dimensional processed titanium, natural buffalo horn and acetate. Initially punched out from 3 mm sheets, each frame goes through a complex series of pressing stages under extreme weight to achieve the desired stability of the metal. They are then finished using ceramic powder coating. The finished article is a pure and straightforward frame which is light and non allergenic.

Whether you prefer the lightweight titanium collection or the bold acetate eyewear line, Gotti glasses are simple yet innovative. Each piece is beautifully engineered to give the wearer a superb fit and comfort, whilst wearing a timeless elegant spectacle.

Having won several high profile awards in previous years – including the Red Dot Design Award in 2012 – Gotti was named eyewear of the year at the 2018 Optician Awards. Their collections are stocked worldwide, by speciality retailers in more than 30 countries.

“Design begins in the mind and comes from the heart” – Sven Gotti

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