Seiko Eyewear

We work with Seiko, in our opinion one of the best lens companies in the world.

Seiko are renowned globally for their quality timepieces. Being awarded the contract to be official timer of the 1964 Tokyo Olympic games led to the development of high precision optical lenses for revolutionary timing equipment.

Seiko eyewear offer a complete range of spectacle lenses which cover the full spectrum of our patient’s needs, whether its general purpose single vision or progressive lenses, through to task specific forms.

Seiko eyewear recognise spectacle lenses need to be suitable for individual lifestyles. Incorporating both working and leisure time analysis, using the latest technology, materials and manufacturing equipment they deliver the highest quality spectacle lenses.

Seiko lenses are up to 50% thinner and 45% lighter than ordinary plastic lenses, improving cosmetic appearance and comfort. Within the Seiko eyewear family there is a lens suitable for everyone’s needs and lifestyle, from single vision lenses generally used for either distance vision or reading, through to progressive lenses which combine the individuals distance, intermediate and near vision prescriptions within one lens and task specific lifestyle lenses dispensed to meet growing needs within an indoor working environment.

Coating and tints are becoming more important to our patients as our needs and demands change with our daily routines. Seiko offer a comprehensive range of coatings which are geared towards our customers needs. A super clean coat can be added to Seiko lenses. This removes nearly all reflections from the surface of your lenses. The coating is also resistant to water, oil, grease and dirt. For task specific coatings, Seiko offer super reduced blue, which filters out blue light that is emitted from digital devices. This filter can reduce discomfort for the wearer by also reducing glare. Road clear coat is an anti reflection coating which filters out the glare from car headlights, and is particularly beneficial when driving at night.

We’re so impressed with Seiko lenses that we also stock their high quality titanium frames. Classic pieces engineered in Japan with the highest quality Japanese components, Seiko glasses are a perfect mix of design, quality and functionality.