Eye Examinations

Regular eye tests are an important part of your general health care routine. Not only does the full eye examination check your vision, but it also detects signs of other possible underlying health problems. Everyone should have their eyes tested by a qualified optometrist at least every two years. Here at Respectacle Company, we have invested in the latest technology to offer all of our customers a full and comprehensive eye examination. Some medical conditions require more frequent check-ups, which your optician should advise you about.


Our fully qualified and experienced optometrist will carry out a full and comprehensive eye examination. This examination normally takes between 30-40 minutes, during which time they will carry out a full range of clinical tests and examinations. We take the time to discuss and address any issues or concerns our customers may be experiencing. Not only do we check your vision to see if a prescription is necessary to improve your vision, but we also check the health of your eyes. And you can be reassured you will see the same clinician throughout your appointment.


An eye examination can reveal a lot about a person’s health and not all eye conditions will cause pain or experience symptoms. Sometimes the change to your eyesight can be gradual and difficult to notice. Many conditions don’t have any symptoms and can ultimately cause sight loss. A comprehensive eye examination can detect many of these conditions and at Respectacle Company we screen for many different conditions, including glaucoma and macular degeneration which, with early intervention, allows for a greater chance of successful treatment.


Using our state-of-the-art equipment our fully qualified and experienced optometrist will operate, interpret and explain all of the procedures they carry out during your consultation. We test for glaucoma using our Pulsair Tonometer. We also analyse a digital photograph of the back of your eye to diagnose a number of common conditions not always detected through more traditional examination methods.  Most procedures are non-invasive and painless and are included as part of our standard eye test consultation. We also offer hospital-grade OCT scans, an advanced eye test that produces a detailed 3D scan of your eye.


At Respectacle Company our specialist clinical team is dedicated to your eye care needs. Using the latest technology and our experience, we aim to deliver an exceptional standard of eye care and we deliver this high standard regardless of our customers’ budgets. All of our customers receive the same amount of time and care, regardless of whether they are a private patient or entitled to an NHS examination. Our private eye examinations are £35 or free, funded through the NHS entitlement, while our OCT scan is £35. Please contact us to make an appointment.


At Respectacle Company we believe we have a duty to deliver the highest possible clinical care to all of our customers. That’s why we extend a warm welcome to everyone within our community, so whatever your circumstances we always offer the same high standard of care. Our comprehensive consultations are standardised to accommodate both private and NHS patients. Whatever your entitlement, you will receive a highly professional, relaxed, and enjoyable experience at Respectacle Company.

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