Eyecare Services

Everyone should have their eyes tested by a qualified Optometrist at least every two years; some medical conditions require more frequent examinations, which your optician should advise you about.

Regular examinations are an important part of your general health care routine as not only does the full examination check your vision but also detects signs for other possible underlying health problems.

Not many eye conditions cause pain and sometimes the change to your sight can be gradual and difficult to notice, some conditions don’t have any symptoms and can cause sight loss. A full eye examination can detect eye conditions, which would mean early intervention could give a greater chance of successful treatment.


Everyone should have their eyes checked by an optician at least once every 2 years

Great Eyecare for you

Eye examinations usually last about 20-30 minutes, during this time not only does our qualified and experienced Optometrist carry out a full and comprehensive eye examination but he will also take and analyse a retinal image of your eyes. This camera takes a digital photograph of the back of your eyes to diagnose a number of common conditions not always detected through more traditional methods of examination.

The procedure is non-invasive, painless, simple, quick and is included as part of our standard consultation.

Eye Tests