Eyewear trends for 2022

As we mentioned in our previous blog, eyewear trade fairs are beginning to re-emerge. Whether it’s the long-standing large trade shows or smaller innovative pop-up events dotted around Europe, they’ve all been showcasing the latest trends and fashion for eyewear moving into 2022.

The big eyewear trend for 2022 is the introduction of translucent colours – and there are a lot of them. The spectrum starts with crystal and moves around the colour wheel to a deep midnight blue capturing everything else in between. The most eye-catching colour we’ve seen so far is a soft translucent olive green. Overall, green seems to be the stand out crowd pleaser this year.

L.G.R. have some of these new colours running through their collection. We love the classic models, like Fez and Reunion, which are now available in crystal and olive. A new model, Dakhla, is offered in blush and Havana. It’s such a lovely statement shape. We can’t keep it in stock; it just flies out the door as quickly as we stock it. In fact, one of our lovely customers loved it so much she had both colours!

Stark Eyewear

Starck eyewear has expanded its colour range, introducing two-tone translucent greens, blues, and graduated crystal. The colour combinations are lovely. The Booth and Bruce boys have also come up trumps again with their beautiful hues, combining pink with amber, soft purple with teal, and a whole host of crystal shapes mixed with tortoiseshell or black sides. They also offer amber and greens within the new models.

Booth & Bruce

Tinted lenses are another big trend for 2022. Forget the traditional sunglass tints in grey or brown and reminisce back to the 1980s and the light warm tones of yellow, cheerful orange, and romantic rose. These warm tones make you look great on a zoom call or team meetings! To demonstrate the spectrum of colours, we recently commissioned a tint box display.


Acetate and metals feature throughout the year. But one unusual material making a bold entrance in 2022 is wood. This natural material is warm and tactile, and we showcase it at its best with the FEB31st collection. FEB31st frames feature thirteen layers of wood. This wooden collection is light, durable and made from sustainable wood. Each frame is completely unique as you can choose your own colour combinations throughout these layers. And with over 45 different colours that’s a lot of combinations.

There’s also quite a lot of graduating colours running down through acetate frames this year, with bold solid tops softening down through the frame to lighter mixtures at the bottom.

The classic round frame will never go away, and it stays with us this year. This shape is being mixed with either light metal rims combined with co-ordinating acetate sides and bridges or acetate rims together with coloured bridge and sides combos. A lot of the metal is also moving away from traditional gold and silver and pastel colour coated metals are taking over.

Oversized square shapes are also making a comeback in 2022, both in metal and acetate. Think of the vintage styles from the ’70s and ’80s and sprinkle them with 2022’s translucent vibrant colours, add some warm light tinted lenses and you’ll be bang on-trend.

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