New FEB31st rimless eyewear coming soon to Respectacle

Feb 31st Rimless Glasses

Did you know that 2024 is a leap year? There are 29 days in February this year, so we get an extra day this month. It is a bonus day that comes around, usually every four years. So, it seems like the perfect time to highlight one of our favourite eyewear collections that takes its name from a non-existent date.

Leap year or no leap year, February 31st is a date that doesn’t ever appear on a calendar. For those who don’t know this collection we stock, it’s predominantly a wooden collection made from thirteen layers of wood. At the time of the product’s conception, the founders of the company were told that just like the date they take their name from, eco-friendly wooden frames didn’t exist.

Thirteen years later, FEB31st’s bespoke eyewear collection is so innovative they keep pushing the boundaries, creating, and recreating more exciting collections. Thirteen layers of sustainable wood are hand-crafted together to create beautiful, tactile, light and very comfortable eyewear. The choice of colour combinations is endless, and as each piece is handmade to order, you choose your own individual combination. So, every FEB31st frame is unique.

There are two main FEB31st eyewear collections: one is 100 per cent wooden, made from layers of sustainable, organically treated wood in the colour combinations of your choice. The other collection is part wood, part metal. The sides and outer rim of the frame are metal, with the inner rim made from several layers of wood.

Wooden Eyewear

Feb 31st Wooden Frames

Feb 31st Wooden Frame Collection

Many of our customers love the design, fit and comfort of FEB31st frames. The main draw has always been the sustainability and individuality of each piece. So, we are delighted to share that FEB31st are making their frames even more individual! They are now printing either wording or pictures on the frame front. It is something that really needs to be seen to be appreciated. It adds another dimension to an already beautiful piece. It’s like creating a piece of very personal art. People have had poems or lyrics of a meaningful song printed onto the front of the frame. Other people have had images or artwork which have a memory or special meaning to the wearer.

Feb 31st Wooden Eyewear

Feb 31st Wooden Eyewear

FEB 31st Wooden Eyewear

Feb 31st Wooden Eyewear


The other collection is a mix of metal and wood, and again, FEB31st have pressed the overload button and increased the colours available for the metal. Adding to the original colours of silver, gold, gun metal and pewter, we can now offer a whole plethora of colours, from zingy yellow through the rainbow to moody purple.

FEB31st has all options covered. They are always working towards new colours and styles, and they are just introducing different patterns to the fronts of the frames, too. So, you will soon be able to order waves and stripes in different colours.

But that’s not all. The guys at FEB31st are now offering a rimless collection, which we think is spectacular. This collection offers the timeless elegance of rimless lenses but with the quirky individualisation of the wooden temples and the lightness and comfort that all FEB31st frames are known for.

Feb31st Rimless Eyewear

Feb31st Rimless Eyewear

FEB 31st rimless eyewear

FEB 31st Rimless Eyewear

We are so excited about these new additions to the FEB31st family and can’t wait to get our hands on them. Each one is bespoke and handmade. So, it means waiting a little longer than some of our other collections. But good things are worth waiting for.

Follow our social media channels to see when the new rimless FEB31st frames arrive at our Market Harborough store. We promise they’ll be worth the wait! We are Respectacle on Instagram and Respectacle Company on Facebook.

P.S. Did you hear the news? FEB31st has just won the Best Innovation Award in the 2024 Love Eyewear Awards at 100% Optical. Huge congratulations to them!

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