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We travel to many of the optical trade fairs that take place around the world, looking at new emerging eyewear, optical lenses, and equipment. And that’s how we discovered Gigi Studios, a not-so-new but transformed family-run eyewear company. Whilst browsing one of these fairs we came across a stand that was very busy and buzzing with people. The enthusiasm was infectious so we naturally had to investigate. What we found was eyewear inspired by art and imagination, using the highest quality raw materials, meticulously handcrafted to produce sophisticated eyewear.

Gigi Studios is rooted in the gorgeous Spanish city of Barcelona, where the original factory was founded by Fulgencio Ramo back in 1962. In 1981 his son Luis took the lead of the enterprise and remained at the helm for over 35 years, with his daughter Patricia joining the family business at the age of 21. Patricia has continued the family legacy right to the present day.

Gigi studios draw its expertise from this heritage, bringing the continuity of the Ramo family leading the development and evolution of the brand, together with the traditional artisan craftsmanship of handcrafting every frame. Each frame travels through more than 100 steps during its production. And each phase is overseen by a team of supervisors to ensure the quality of each piece continues to meet the high standards Gigi Studios demands.

The Gigi Studios collection consists of both acetate and metal pieces, using the highest quality materials, including natural acetate from Japan and Italy. Acetate offers an infinite range of colours and colour combinations. Each piece of acetate is created and produced exclusively for Gigi Studios and the presence of cotton within the construction of acetate provides pliability, durability, and comfort.

Japanese titanium, renowned throughout the world for its high-quality production, is used in the construction of Gigi Studios eyewear, and the steel components are sourced from the prestigious German steel industry. The hinges and core temple elements of each frame are developed by the Gigi Studios design team and manufactured by a leading Italian company. These components join aesthetics and advanced technology, reaching the flawless precision required by the studio, which guarantees the comfort, functionality, and durability of each collection.

We love the pleasing aesthetics of the Gigi Studios collections and the high-quality materials used within the production process. Each piece is skilfully sculpted by true craftsmen using traditional crafting methods coupled together with leading technology to create the most beautiful, tactile pieces.