How to keep your glasses clean

One of the questions that we’re frequently asked is ‘how do I keep my glasses clean’? What people don’t seem to appreciate is that the majority of us wear our spectacles all day every day. And in the majority of cases for a good couple of years. Most of us wouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes every day for two years and expect them to stay in pristine condition. We can’t expect our spectacles to stay in tip top condition and certainly not if we don’t care about keeping them clean.

We might not give much thought to it, but our glasses have to endure a lot of sweat, dirt and grease. And all that builds up over time. If you aren’t in the habit of cleaning your glasses regularly, imagine how many germs are going to lurk. It’s not a pleasant thought!
There are many different cleaning products on the market to clean your spectacle lenses, from wipes and sprays to bowls of warm washing water. But we’ve found something special which not only cleans the lenses but also removes dust and dirt build up from the frame too. It’s called the Eyeshaker, it originates from Austria and it’s shaking up the eyewear accessories market.

Shake off dirt and grime with the Eyeshaker

We first came across the Eyeshaker, a stylish matt black canister, at an optical trade fair. It was being demonstrated on a stand and brought quite a crowd. We were so impressed with the product and demonstration that we decided to bring some back to stock in our optical boutique. But before offering it for sale, we decided to ask a handful of our customers to road test the Eyeshaker and report back with their findings.
We were half expecting them to come back with mixed reviews and feedback that the product was a bit of a gimmick. However, all four of the customers we asked to review the Eyeshaker unanimously said the product was really good. Two commented that they were half expecting the gadget to not deliver on its promise, but they were so impressed with how well and thorough the Eyeshaker cleaned their spectacles. So much so that they now use it on a regular basis and rave about it to their glasses wearing family and friends.

Think of it as a deep clean for your glasses

How good are you at keeping the spectacles you wear every day clean? Simply buffing out smudges on your lenses with a cloth or, dare we say, a piece of your clothing is not going to keep them free of bacteria. And bacteria on your glasses could not only end up irritating your eyes, but you could also end up with an eye infection like blepharitis or conjunctivitis.
You need to get into the habit of cleaning your glasses regularly. And the best way to rid your glasses of sweat, skin residue, dust and cosmetics is by giving them a deep clean. And a deep clean is exactly what the Eyeshaker provides. It’s also the perfect solution for taking on holiday because it will remove sunscreen and sand residue from your optical glasses and sunglasses. It doesn’t just clean your lenses, it cleans the frame, nose pads and silicone parts too.

How does the Eyeshaker work?

The Eyeshaker is really simple to use. It just takes four easy steps to clean your spectacles and you only need to add water.
Step 1 – half fill the container with water and add 2 squirts of the cleaning solution.
Step 2 – place your glasses inside the container and shake for about 15 seconds.
Step 3 – remove your glasses from the container and rinse under clean water.
Step 4 – dry your spectacles using the Eyeshaker micro-fibre cloth.
And that’s it, job done! Your spectacles, sunglasses or sport goggles will now be clean as a whistle and sparkling new again.


How often should I clean my glasses?

If you want to keep your glasses looking their best, and maximise their life span, we recommend you clean them regularly. If you’re not in the habit of cleaning them daily, it’s never too late to start a new routine. Remember, dirty glasses with also impair your vision somewhat, so it’s important to keep them nice and clean.

Cleaning your glasses: things not to do

When it comes to keeping your glasses clean, there are a number of things you shouldn’t do. To be honest, it’s really a question of common sense. But here’s our top 4 main no-no’s for cleaning glasses.

DON’T use a section of your shirt or jumper to clean your glasses. Yes, we get that t might be tempting to, but you could end up scratching your lenses in the process, and especially if the lenses are dry.
DON’T use saliva to wet your lenses before giving them a clean. It’s just wrong.
DON’T use glass or surface cleaners you keep around the house. These products aren’t manufactured for cleaning optical lenses and can in fact contain ingredients that will damage lenses and coatings.
DON’T use tissues, toilet paper or napkins because these will smear your lenses and may scratch them too.



The Eyeshaker is a really cool and stylish way to clean your eyewear. It’s available from our boutique optical store, so pop in and get one while stocks last. This fabulous product won’t just give your glasses the best clean they have ever had it will also help to prolong the life of your eyewear.

You can find out more about the Eyeshaker by visiting the official Eyeshaker website.

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