It’s time for another one of our “In the Frame” customer Q&A features. This month we are talking with popular local Pilates teacher Jane Fletcher, who is a former ballerina with the English National Ballet Company. Jane, who is a longstanding Respectacle Company customer, has studied Pilates throughout her professional career.

Although she hung up her tutu some time ago, Jane has continued to practice and study Pilates, and now runs classes in Market Harborough, East Farndon, Medbourne, Cranford, Broughton and Orlingbury in Northamptonshire.

We recently caught up with Jane to talk about her eyewear style, and why she chose her Theo glasses and Woow prescription sunglasses.

What influenced you to choose the glasses/sunglasses you’re wearing today?

It’s safe to say that I absolutely love my Woow prescription sunglasses. I especially love the shape, the pink detail and the colourful side arms. I spotted them as soon as I walked into the Respectacle Company optical boutique. I straight away said to Alison ‘they are my new sunglasses’! They are so unusual and pink is also my favourite colour.

As it happens, I also have a very bright pink pair of Theo glasses. They are very eye-catching and whenever I wear them I never fail to get complimentary comments. People always want to know where I brought them from.


Do you struggle to find eyewear that you like and/or suits you?

I am actually in a bit of denial about having to wear spectacles. So for me, something that is a bit out of the ordinary ticks all of my boxes. What is really great about Respectacle Company is that Alison always gives her honest advice about what glasses are suitable. I know Alison would never want a customer to purchase something they weren’t 100% happy with, just to make a sale. Even if I like something that might not suit me, Alison offers carefully considered alternatives for me to try. So, thanks to Alison, I am quite confident that the spectacles I wear are the perfect pair for me.


What do you like most about wearing spectacles?

I feel very happy that my spectacles are very different from any glasses that I may find in a regular high street optician. I like that I’m wearing eyewear that’s a bit different and unique.


How many pairs of glasses do you currently own?

I actually have two pairs that I use daily. Both of these are from Respectacle Company. I also have another predecessor pair that I brought some time ago from a high street optician. But they just lurk at the bottom of a drawer and never see the light of day. They are just far too ordinary!


What do you look for when buying new glasses?

I look for something that is different and confidently stylish. And Respectacle Company’s eyewear collections definitely fit the bill.


Who is your favourite famous glasses wearer?

I know she’s not world famous, but my favourite glasses wearer is Alison at Respectacle Company. She is always so stylish!


What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced having to wear prescription spectacles?

I do not have any challenges now, thank goodness. But in the past my biggest challenge was my denial and disappointment having to wear spectacles in the first place. I would try and avoid doing so at all costs, which just resulted in a lot of squinting. Now that I have my Woow sunglasses and Theo spectacles I am a very happy person indeed.


If you had perfect vision would you still wear glasses as a fashion accessory?

Yes, and sunglasses in particular. I would have a lovely selection of different styles and with differing tints to the lenses. But nothing typically found on the high street.


Would you say you’re style conscious when it comes to eyewear?

Definitely so!


What’s your favourite film?

The Lion King. Yes, really!


Do you have a favourite place?

My favourite place is being on our boat. It is a Sunseeker Portofino 31, which is a classic sports cruiser from 1992. Being on it never fails to bring a smile to my face. In the summer months, the lovely Mr Fletcher and I disappear to the south coast and I find nice little places where I can practice a little Pilates exercise or two, such as on a jetty of a nice beach – or even (very carefully) on the front deck of our boat!


What about a favourite food?

I love tomatoes, ripe and sliced with salt, pepper, good olive oil and basil. Simply delicious.

Thank you, Jane, for being so gracious answering our questions. If you live locally and you’re thinking of taking some Pilates exercise classes, please take a look at Jane’s website, Jane Fletcher Pilates or check out Jane’s Facebook page.

“In the Frame” will be a regular monthly feature on our blog. Next month we’ll be talking to Sarah Cripps from Salad Skills. If you’d like to be considered for “In the Frame”, please send an email to

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