Introducing Coral Earth, a new collection from Coral Eyewear

It’s always an exciting time when we take delivery of new releases from our partner brands. As a rule, most eyewear brands release new models or colours twice a year, once in the Spring and again in the Autumn. It makes sense as it mirrors when we usually change our wardrobes from Summer to Winter outfits.

Here at Respectacle Company, we have recently received some stunning new frames from Coral Eyewear. As you may know, Coral has been producing glasses since 2019, and we love the way they do it. George and Calvin recycle plastics from old fishing nets and rubbish salvaged from the sea. They produce lovely tactile, environmentally friendly eyewear from these recycled materials.

Coral has added another new collection called Coral Earth, made from 60 per cent renewable wood cellulose and 40 per cent recycled plastics. These plastics come from numerous different items. So, as well as using the original method of plastic from fishing nets, they now extract and reuse plastics from items like carpets, clothing, and cardboard, saving it from landfill and reducing plastic waste.

With roots around the sea bed, the original Coral Eyewear collection represented the sea. The company tries to make an impact on the world by not only reducing plastic waste from the oceans but also raising awareness of these issues. The first models to be launched were Sei, Albacore, Finback, Hector and Ridley, all names of sharks, fish, or turtles. These models are still available in a selection of four colours. They have a matt tactile finish, are durable and light, and can be recycled. This collection has expanded with new colours over the last few years and some special editions which Coral has produced in collaboration with other like-minded organisations

The new Coral Earth collection has a different finish and feel. These models get their names from places around the world. It’s only a small collection of about six different frames. But with each model offering a selection of colour ways, this new collection has something for everyone. It’s also likely the Earth collection will grow, and the colours will expand and cross over throughout the collection.

We have several favourites from this Earth collection, one being the Akia. Akia is a bold, angular, swept shape we currently stock in classic black and acid yellow. The classic black frame is solid and polished, while the yellow frame is translucent and loud – it’s a great way to make a statement. Also angular in shape, the Lockhart is softer than the Akia and is available in four colours: tort, a mottled brown and cream and three translucent colours, crystal, blue and wild translucent orange. Maya is another new addition to the Earth collection. A soft, rounded, up-swept feminine frame, it’s available in solid matt red and jade green, soft blush, and quintessential tortoiseshell.

There is a lot to like about the latest Coral Eyewear releases. The mix of colour and styling offers a wide range of choices. Aside from being fashionable, with Coral, you are choosing a sustainable brand that uses rescued fishing nets and recycled plastics. They are doing right by the planet, and so will you be.

Come and take a look at Coral’s exciting new collection. Visit the practice during our opening hours and try them on. But be quick because Alison already has her eye on the black Akia frame! If you would prefer to shop Coral Eyewear online, we also have a selection of Coral frames in our online shop.


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