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Lamarca is a real treasure trove of eyewear. Each frame is a real gem with a plethora of colour running through each family, mixed with intricate detailing of layering materials and cutting techniques to create some exquisite pieces which are a joy to stock within our portfolio of eyewear collections.

Italian manufacturer Trisottica is responsible for creating Lamarca eyewear. They have been producing eyewear for over 30 years. Until now, they have produced eyewear in collaboration with many luxury brands.  Lamarca is the first individual collection they have created, and we are very proud to be one of the first UK stockists to showcase this collection.

The creation of Lamarca has allowed Trisottica with their highly skilled team of craftsmen and design engineers to really intertwine their creative passions, artisan skills and state of the art manufacturing techniques to produce a truly exceptional collection of eyewear that represents ‘made in Italy’

There are several ‘families’ within this collection. Each one presents a highly skilled technical production process brought together with the artistic flair of the design team.

Mosaico is based on mosaic designs, combining great colour palettes and the technical skills of bonding acetate together to create geometric patterns which flow throughout each model.

Intagli brings its inspiration from the artisan master craftsman from the 1950s and the hand-carved frames produced in France at this time. Layers of acetate are overlaid and then skilfully cut away or ‘feathered’ to reveal the different coloured layers overlapping across the front of the frame.

Scultura showcases a stunning technical process developed by Triscottica’s highly skilled technicians called thermoforming. It involves bonding pieces of acetate together and then placing them into a stainless-steel mould. As the mould closes, it compresses the acetate and shapes it into the desired profile. The result is a beautifully sculpted piece that glistens as the light catches each furrow and ridge.

Ceselli or chiselling is the theme of this ‘family’. It’s a very highly skilled cutting procedure that transforms each model into a dazzling piece of art. Surfaces are chiselled using the goldsmiths diamond dressing technique. This process creates a patterned, uneven surface that resembles jewels as the light dances across the surface.

Larmarca truly is a unique eyewear collection featuring striking individual pieces which really are artwork. They use state of the art production techniques, coupled with artisan crafts regenerated from a bygone era, to produce breathtaking, high-quality frames. No wonder we have fallen head over heels for Lamarca eyewear.