Let there be light!

I want to tell you a story, as Max Bygraves used to say. Although I warn you, it may turn into some ramblings, like Ronnie Corbett sat in his chair telling his long-winded joke at the end of his show in the 1970s and 1980s. Yes, I know, I’m showing my age!

Usually, when I write a blog, I pick a subject or a current event and write about it. But this time, I want to tell you a story. So, in light of that fact (pardon the pun!) I shall begin.

Whilst chatting to a friend recently, she asked me if I knew anywhere she could go to look for new lights for her house. Somewhere she could go that would allow her to physically look at the products rather than purchasing lights online and the difficulties that come with trying to gauge shape, size, and quality. It’s a similar issue when purchasing glasses online. (You can find out more about buying eyewear online by reading a blog we wrote on the subject).

Now, I love online shopping as much as most people do. But there is an issue with buying many things online, in so much as they can look quite different in real life. Like clothes, for example. But I digress, another Ronnie Corbett saying!

When my friend asked me for recommendations, my mind went blank, and I couldn’t offer suggestions. But it did get me thinking because I also needed a new light fitting. I’d had enough of staring at a bare bulb and wires in one of my bedrooms for the last 18 months. In light of that fact (pun intended!), as I ran some errands around Market Harborough, it occurred to me to pop into Barker Fleming at Home. I was pleasantly surprised to discover a shop full of lovely lighting. They had so much to choose from.

Barker Flemming Lighting Shop

You’ll find Barker Fleming’s showroom on King’s Head Place in Market Harborough. It made me realise that we have a lovely array of interesting, not to mention diverse stores in town. As well as discovering the perfect light fitting for the bedroom, I also came across a bulb and lamp, which I thought would make a great anniversary gift for my husband. He lights up my life, and I thought it would be the perfect gift to light up his world. And anyway, what do you buy someone after 28 years of marriage? Orchids are a traditional 28th-anniversary gift, but a plant would not be his cup of tea.

My Present to My Husband

I’m telling this story to convey the importance of light. We need light to survive. And at this time of year, when the nights start to draw in and the mornings are duller, we have an increase in customers who report that they have difficulty when it comes to reading. And it’s not always because their eyesight is failing, but rather because their lighting is inadequate for short days and long dark nights. A lot of the time, increasing the amount of light can lead to improved reading.

Good lighting is so important. Whether it’s a mood booster with an ambient, fun lamp, improved bright lighting to help you relax whilst reading your favourite novel, or a specialist light to help with vitamin D deficiency. We need many different types of light for our wellbeing, and we are lucky to have a great selection of lighting right on our doorstep in Market Harborough, including Barker Fleming and our next-door neighbour, Harborough Lights.

So go forth and light up your world. But remember to look after your vision. There’s no point in investing in good lighting if you don’t have a good pair of glasses to complement that. If you need help to see better, pop by and see us!