Local Women in Business: Part Five

Welcome to the fifth and final part of our Local Women in Business blog. For this instalment, we spoke to Mriesha-Tina (Mish). Mish is another female entrepreneur and Respectacle customer. Together with her mum, Mish runs Sheeda’s Beauty clinic in Great Oxendon, just outside of Market Harborough.

As you probably know, the pandemic significantly impacted the entire beauty industry, including beauty therapists and hairdressers. But the beauty industry is a resilient one. Despite lockdown restrictions, most have managed to weather the storm. It’s a testament to the hardworking and adaptive people within the beauty industry that they managed to survive and adapt their working practices to offer a service to their customers.

So, just as we did with our other fabulous local female business owners, we sent Mish a list of questions to learn more about her. And how she and the team at Sheeda’s coped through the lockdown.

But first, let’s start with a few fun questions to get to know Mish a bit better:


Favourite Place in The World

My grandparents’ house in India. It just feels like home to me. And India is the most beautiful country.

Favourite Film

Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone. I’m a massive Harry Potter fan and this film is just so magical!

Favourite Food

What a hard question! I love food! I think if I had to choose, right now I’d say sushi and dumplings.

Favourite Colour


Favourite Famous Person Who Wears Glasses

At the moment I’m really loving Zendaya.

Famous Person You Would Invite to a Dinner Party

Another really difficult question. I’m tempted to say anyone from the Harry Potter franchise. But let’s go with someone completely different… Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory.

How Did the Pandemic Affect Your Business?

The pandemic had a direct impact on our business. We had to shut the beauty clinic down during the lockdown periods and for quite some time.

How Did You Adapt Your Business to Cope with The Covid Restrictions?

We posted regularly on social media and even did some online tutorials to help people to cope at home during the pandemic. When we were eventually able to open, we had special screens made to protect clients and staff. And we also only let one client in our waiting area at a time.

Did The Restrictions Affect You Personally?

In some ways, yes. I think mentally it gave us all time to reflect on what really mattered. But ultimately, we all just wanted things to get better and for people to be safe and happy.

Has The Effect of The Last 2 Years Made You Think Differently About How You Balance Work and Personal Time?

In some ways it has. Whilst I think for most people it made them think about working less, I just love being at work. I get to talk to people and give beauty and skin advice every day. It’s really what I love. But I do understand the importance of having personal time and I try to look after myself more. I also try to take my own advice, which is sometimes a bit hard to do.

Thank you, Mish, for taking the time to respond to our questionnaire. If you’d like to find out more about Mish and Sheeda’s Beauty Clinic, visit their website and maybe treat yourself to a manicure or massage. Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page @SheedasBeautyClinic and follow them on

Instagram @sheedasbeautyclinic.

We hope you have enjoyed our series of blogs featuring local women in business. A lot of what our ladies have said this month resonates deeply. The pandemic has made many of us look at ourselves in a new light and analyse how and why we do things. It’s been a terrible two years, and many people have suffered. But there have been some plus points too. Many people have adapted and now work and live quite differently than they did pre-pandemic.

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