Local Women in Business: Part Four

Welcome to part four of our Local Women in Business blog series. If you have read any of our recent blogs, you will know we have been catching up with some of our business-owning customers throughout March. The idea is to showcase female business owners to celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month.

We have already interviewed restauranteur Sarah and social media marketer Kate. Next, we would like to introduce you to a lovely lady called Jane Fletcher. Jane is a frequent Respectacle customer and the mum of British sailor and Olympic champion Dylan Fletcher.

Jane is a popular local Pilates teacher and a former ballerina with the English National Ballet Company. She has even danced with the iconic dancer Rudolf Nureyev!

Ballet dancers incorporate Pilates into their day-to-day exercise routine. So, it was a natural progression for Jane to open her Pilates studio. Since leaving the dance world, Jane has used her experience and knowledge to bring enjoyable Pilates classes to our local area.

Many of you may have seen Jane on our Instagram feed, Facebook page or website as she always chooses wonderfully vibrant frames which match her personality. Read on as we share some trivia about Jane so you can get to know her a bit better.

Jane is wearing sunglasses from Woow Eyewear.

Favourite place in the world 

The British Virgin Islands. I love staying here on a yacht.

Favourite film

The Lion King

Favourite food

Tomatoes, olive oil and basil.

Favourite colour

This probably won’t be a big surprise. It’s pink.

Favourite famous person who wears glasses

Elton John. He has an incredible collection of fabulous glasses.

Famous person you would invite to a dinner party

Jamie Oliver. Would it be too cheeky to ask him to cook?!

How did the pandemic affect your business?

Not so much during restrictions as I adapted. But it was hugely different after restrictions lifted and I went back to live classes. I noticed so many people had lost their confidence

How did you adapt your business to cope with covid restrictions?

I adapted by going online via Zoom immediately.

Did the restrictions affect you personally?

Like most people, I missed the freedom of choice over what I did, seeing people and going out, etc.

Has the effect of the last 2 years made you think differently about how you balance work/personal time?

I think it is even more important to “do it now’ and make the most of life.

The group and individual Pilates classes that Jane offered before Covid hit were all face to face and very interactive. After the initial lockdown in March 2020, this sector found it hard to reopen due to the social distancing difficulties within a class. So, it’s interesting to hear how Jane and other exercise classes adapted due to Covid.

We have heard of many businesses adapting to continue to offer services to our local community to keep us all going. But it’s worrying how many people have lost their confidence during this pandemic. Here at Respectacle, we have also seen a similar impact on our customers. Some people had not been out for a long time as they were shielding. Consequently, their world had become so much smaller. And when they did have the courage to venture out, it was overwhelming for them. We hope, over time, their confidence will rebuild, and the anxiety will fade away.

They say one great way to help relieve stress is through exercise. So, what better way than in an all-inclusive Pilates class with Jane. Check out her website Jane Fletcher Pilates and give her a follow on Instagram @janefletcherpilates. She also has a Facebook page for her Pilates business.

In the fifth and final instalment of our Women in Business blog, we will be chatting with Mish Iliffe-Patel from Sheeda’s Beauty Clinic in Market Harborough.

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