Make the switch to sustainable living your New Year’s resolution

Hello and Happy New year. We hope everyone had a wonderful time over the Christmas and New Year holidays. We enjoyed meeting up with family and friends, and we even managed to grab a few days away with the new four-legged apprentice! But we are now back at work, refreshed, recharged and raring to go – even though we may be carrying a few extra pounds!

As we enter our sixth year of trading, we have a lot of things in the pipeline this year. We are excited to be back, open and looking forward to bringing more new and exciting eyewear to Market Harborough.

Trade fairs are back for 2022

Most of the trade fairs are back up and running in 2022. We plan to visit Copenhagen, Milan, Barcelona, and Paris throughout the year. Like most events, trade fairs have taken quite a battering over the past two years. The days of large exhibition hall-style trade fairs seem long gone. At least for the foreseeable. But we quite like the shift to much smaller, individual trade shows.

Back in October last year, the UK hosted COP26 in Glasgow. The climate change conference aimed to encourage world leaders to commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions faster than previous commitments. We watched the media coverage about how climate change will impact the world we live in, and it has made us think more about how our actions and choices impact the environment.

2022 the year you reduce, reuse and recycle

At Respectacle Company, we’re conscious about recycling and using reusable plastics. We have always collected old or no longer required spectacles and sent them to Vision Aid Overseas. At the moment, with Covid risks, Vision Aid is not accepting spectacles or transporting them abroad. But we will continue to take old and used glasses and store them on behalf of our customers until we can send them off to be reused.

Speaking of spectacles, we know many people find wearing face masks irritating and difficult in glasses. Foggy glasses are an ongoing problem, especially in winter with the contrast in temperatures. We have always encouraged people to mask up within the store as we feel it helps to keep everyone safe. To help with fogging, we have reusable cleaning cloths available to reduce the amount of lens fog. Each anti-fog cloth can be reused around 200 times. They’re also kinder to the environment than single-use, throw away cleaning wipes. We’ve also moved from non-refillable lens spray bottles and now have reusable bottles. When they are empty, you just pop into the shop to refill your cleaning bottle free of charge.

Anti Fogg Cloths

Eco friendly eyewear

We continue to consider our carbon footprint whenever we introduce new eyewear collections. If you’re keen to do the same, we have some eco-friendly eyewear collections in the shop. Coral Eyewear, for example, manufactures frames made from recycling the plastic from old fishing nets. Not only are the nets removed from the sea, but they are recycled instead of being dumped in landfill sites.

Coral Eyewaer

Another eco-friendly eyewear brand, Vinylize produces a fabulous collection of eyewear. Frames are handmade in Hungary from old vinyl records. Each piece is distinctive and beautifully finished. It’s a collection to make you stand out from the crowd.

Vinyalise Eyewear

February 31st is another handmade collection from Italy, whose frames are crafted from layers of sustainable wood. You can even choose your colour combinations to make the frames personal and unique.

Feb 31st Eyewear

To find out more about our sustainable eyewear and our other collections, take a look at the brand pages on our website or pop into our store on Manor Walk.

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