New to Respectacle: NanoVista Flexible Eyewear for Children

Being a small independent optician, we are not able to stock a vast number of frames for children. When you consider age ranges from 18-month toddlers right through to 15-year-old teenagers, we’re talking a lot of glasses. The sizes and tastes required to compile a comprehensive collection of children’s eyewear are colossal, and we simply don’t have the room.

NanoVista Eyewear

However, sometimes we discover a collection which we feel is a little bit special. So, we try to include it within the store. When we came across the Spanish eyewear brand NanoVista, we knew we had to find room for this exciting collection. NanoVista is well known throughout Europe but not so well known in the UK. Marketed as indestructible glasses, you can bend and twist them in every direction. Made from child-proof materials, you don’t have to worry about them breaking. They really are rather remarkable glasses.

NanoVista Eyewear

NanoVista glasses are versatile; they are more of an eyewear system than a pair of glasses. They have a unique temple fixing, which fixes the sides to the front of the frame. This special fixing not only allows the sides to rotate outwards 180 degrees, but you can also remove the sides and swap over to use a sports band to hold the glasses in place, which is ideal for children participating in sports or playing outside.

These frames also come with a loose band that you hook through the ear tips. So, although you’re wearing the glasses with the traditional sides, you have the added security that if they did fall off your face, the band prevents them from falling to the ground. That’s especially useful when canoeing, sailing or paddle boarding because spectacles will quickly sink if they fall into the water. And that could result in a costly replacement. Some NanoVista models now also come with clip-on sunshades, which adds another dimension to these very adaptable glasses.

Although it’s an extensive collection, we hold a selection of NanoVista frames in the optical to showcase the different colours and shapes available. Even if we don’t have every colour in every size or shape, you get a taste of what’s available for infants and toddlers, tweens, and teens.

NanoVista Eyewear

A few facts about NanoVista children’s glasses

  • NanoVista is the most recommended brand of children’s glasses amongst ophthalmologists and paediatricians worldwide.
  • The NanoVista range of children’s eyewear covers 0 to 16 years of age. So, there’s a frame for babies, children, pre-teens, and teens.
  • Frames are manufactured using a material known as SILIFLEX which is comfortable, durable, and lightweight. In fact, NanoVista frames are around 35% lighter than acetate.
  • Thanks to their patented hinge design, NanoVista frames benefit from a full 360-degree rotation. So, they are extremely flexible.

NanoVista is so popular across the continent they are producing more sizes and now offer adult frames with the same principle. These are ideal for heavy-handed customers or people with physical jobs, where glasses may get bashed, dropped, or stood on. NanoVista glasses are guaranteed for two years, too. So, along with the Seiko protection guarantee – which protects your spectacles against accidental damage for 12 months – these are a win-win choice.

If you’re looking for practical and versatile eyewear for your child, pop into our store on Manor Walk and browse our range of NanoVista eyewear for children and teenagers. You’re more than welcome to test out their flexibility, too!

Our Market Harborough store is open Tuesday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm, and between 9 am and 4 pm on Saturdays.

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