Protect your eyes from the sun with FEB31st sun clips

FEB31st enjoys pushing the boundaries and moving the goalposts to launch new and innovative additions to their already fabulous eyewear collections. Their innovation is one of the reasons we love them so much. And now, the family-owned Italian brand has launched a new and innovative solution to provide sun protection to customers who wear their stylish glasses frames.

Before we tell you more about FEB31st sun clips, let us look at the origins of this wooden eyewear brand. They originally started making wooden handles for shaving brushes before diversifying into baseball bats. Their experience with wood led them to launch their first wooden eyewear collection in 2011. The concept was so ground-breaking that it won ‘Frame of the year’ at the UK Optician Awards just two years later. To win such a coveted award within two years of entering the market was an incredible achievement.

FEB31st frames feature 13 layers of sustainable wood, and each one is unique and handmade. There are over 64 colours to choose from, with new colours and patterns introduced all the time. The colour combinations are limitless and completely bespoke to the wearer. You can read more about FEB31st on our website.

As we mentioned earlier, FEB31st like pushing boundaries and they have now come up with a concept which we think is quite remarkable. When the sun shines, it can become a little irritating for people who wear spectacles. Here in the UK, the sun goes in almost as quickly as it comes out. Which often presents spectacle wearers with a dilemma on a sunny day.

They could wear their spectacles and carry a pair of prescription sunglasses just in case the weather changes. It’s one option, albeit bulky and involves going out with two pairs of eyewear – spectacles and prescription sunglasses.

Another option is to invest in a pair of photochromic spectacles, so the lenses go dark when the sun comes out. The issue here is making sure that the frame looks good with ophthalmic lenses and a sunglass tint.

Or lastly, wear contact lenses and carry a pair of non-prescription sunglasses. But you may not be able to get contact lenses in your prescription.

But now we have an exciting new option we can offer our customers – a pair of FEB31st frames with a sun tinted clip-on frame. Fortunately, FEB31st sun clips are nothing like the old generic and slightly ill-fitting sun clips you may remember. The FEB31st sun clip is custom made to fit your frame. They securely attach to the front of your frame with hidden magnets.


Giano MG

Giano MG with sun clip


They are designed to fit the shape of your ophthalmic frame and are customised so you can change the look and colours of the sun clip to give you two different looks. FEB31st sun clips also come in a range of tint options, including polarised. And because they fit on top of your prescription glasses, you don’t have to put your prescription in the sun tint.

Tammy MG

Tammy MG with sun clip

FEB31st sun clips fit in a small thin case, so they are easy to carry. And when the time comes for you to change the prescription in your spectacles, you save the cost of having to change both ophthalmic and sunglasses. So, you see, it’s a winner all around.

We’re very taken with this innovative solution, and we think you will be too. Pop into our store on Manor Walk because we’d love to show you this fantastic eyewear solution from FEB31st. The shop is open Tuesday through to Saturday, from 9am to 5pm. On Saturdays we close at 4pm.

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