Respectacle Company embraces eco-friendly practices

Sustainability, recycling, upcycle, and carbon-neutral. These are words that we know very well. Eco-friendly living is very much the topic of conversation these days. And so it should be when we look at the impact of climate change on our planet. It is so important that we are all aware and responsible for our actions. What we purchase, where it comes from, its manufacturing processes, and its sustainability.

At Respectacle Company, we are very aware of the origins of our products, manufacturing processes, materials used during manufacture and the life span of each product. During the pandemic, instead of purchasing single-use lens fog control wipes – which end up in landfills – we sourced multi-use lens wipes with a much longer life span of 2-3 months. We have also started to offer a refillable lens cleaning bottle to all our customers, which we refill free of charge.


Refillable Lense Cleaner

Refillable Lens Cleaning Bottles

We are always mindful of where and how we source our eyewear. We consider the carbon footprint of our products, and when introducing new eyewear to Respectacle Company, we always look for quality materials with sustainable components.

One of our favourite eco-friendly collections is Coral Eyewear and their small collection of frames made by recycling plastic from old, rescued fishing nets and other ocean plastic waste. This waste from around the world is put through a regeneration process to extract Nylon 6 and returned to its original state before being injection moulded into new frame shapes. The final frames are tumbled to give a matt, tactile finish.

Coral Eyewear has considered every aspect of its eyewear journey. From the recycled materials they used in manufacture, the packaging and accessories also being made from recycled materials to partnering with a delivery company that uses electric vehicles to deliver products to their customers.

Re-useable Packaging

Coral Uses Recycled Materials For Packaging

Vinylize Eyewear is another eco-friendly brand we stock here at Respectacle Company. Vinylize uses old vinyl records and transforms them into eyewear. These are statement pieces engineered by true craftsmen. Bringing new life to something old is a beautiful thing, especially when it has a fabulous story behind it.

We’re always trying to do our bit for the environment. During the lockdown, we delivered contact lenses and spectacles locally to our customers when we were closed to non-emergency appointments. We have continued offering this service to our more vulnerable patients. But to whizz around town in a car is not exactly environmentally friendly. So, we have recently purchased an environmentally friendly electric bike which enables us to continue to offer this service to our customers in the local area. An e-bike as a mode of transport is much more economical, better for the environment and healthier for us too! So, if you see us around town, give us a wave.

And if you’re a local customer and would like your eyewear solutions delivered by e-bike, please get in touch. Give us a call on 01858 433 577, email hello@respectaclecompany.co.uk or message us here.

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