Seiko SmartZoom Lenses Available at Respectacle

Seiko Smartzoom Lenses

Whatever you’ve been doing today, it’s likely to have involved using one of the many digital devices that seem to dominate our lives. From checking the weather forecast, catching up on the news, texting friends, or carrying out meetings via Zoom, chances are you’ve been staring at a ‘screen’ for several hours. And we all know the negative effects long-term use of digital devices can have on our eyes.

Since the launch of smartphones and tablets in 2007, the use of digital devices has increased year by year, and the amount of time we spend using them each day is also increasing. We must accept that digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers play a significant role in our everyday life, and this will only increase in the future.

Using such devices is changing the way we use our eyes. It is essential as eye care professionals that we can advise our customers about the best solutions for continued and prolonged use of digital devices, and the issues that may be associated with this type of lifestyle. To address digital needs, towards the end of 2019, Seiko introduced their new SmartZoom lens. And we’re delighted to be able to make this new technology available to our customers. You can read more about Seiko lenses here.

Digital Devices and Eye Strain

Traditionally the working distance when carrying out close work such as reading a book or writing a letter was on average 30-40 centimetres. But when using a mobile digital device that distance has decreased to between 20-40 centimetres. This is creating issues for our eyes, as they are having to focus at much closer distances for longer periods. And as we tend to move between devices without always changing our fixation point from near to far, it causes stress on our eyes.

We need to give our eyes time to relax and view objects at a longer working distance. Remember the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes, look away from your device to approximately 20 feet away and blink 20 times. This allows your eyes to refocus at a different working distance, and blinking will help to rehydrate them. When we concentrate on a screen we blink less, so our eyes become dry and sore.

As screen sizes become smaller and text sizes decrease, visual fatigue increases and people experience symptoms of digital eye strain, which is now a recognised condition. People can suffer from sore, dry, and tired eyes which may become blurred or sensitive to light after prolonged use of digital devices. Many people also suffer from pain in their back and shoulders, headaches, and decreased concentration. Most people are aware that these issues relate to digital use, but many are not aware that these are signs of digital eye strain.

A Smart Solution for a Digital World

We believe we have a duty of care to advise our customers about the effects that using digital devices can have on their eyes and vision. Seiko has researched our digital lifestyles and has developed a new lens to help resolve digital eye strain. The new Seiko SmartZoom lens was launched at the end of 2019 as a smart solution precisely for your digital needs.

These lenses have a revolutionary zoom power integrated into the lower part of the lens specifically to provide a comfortable adaptation to focus on using digital screens. Therefore, they help to relieve the symptoms experienced by digital eye strain. And they look great too. It’s the perfect balance between cosmetic appearance and precision. Seiko SmartZoom lenses look like single vision lenses but offer the maximum optical precision for our customers’ needs. There are many different options to accommodate all prescriptions and lifestyle needs.

It’s easy to read all about the latest innovations and technological advances being developed and launched into the optical world. Here at Respectacle Company we only recommend products that we truly believe in. And the best way to ensure that our lenses will provide the best solutions for our customers’ needs is to test them out ourselves. Our receptionist Shelley has been wearing these lenses since they were launched last year, and she loves them. So if you would like to know more about how they can help you, come and have a chat with Shelley, who has first-hand experience of wearing Seiko SmartZoom lenses.

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