Seiko Vision Xperience

Seko Lenses

Over the last few months, we have invested in some new dispensing equipment. We are thrilled to announce that we are now up and running with the Seiko Vision Xperience or column, as we affectionately call it. A complete measuring system, the column helps us to dispense the full range of Seiko individualised lenses accurately.

Optical lens technology is continually developing and bringing new and improved lenses to the market. Here at Respectacle Company, we like to inform our customers about these new developments and advise whether they would benefit our patients’ needs and lifestyle.

It can be difficult to advise about the benefits of certain types of lenses. Without visualising the differences in lens designs, people won’t always appreciate the manufacturing processes and possible differences in cost. We need to consider the different types of lenses suitable for our customers. Selecting the wrong lenses may not give the wearer the visual experience they need or desire.

Seiko Lenses

Think of it as choosing a new TV. If you went into a shop and told the sales assistant the make and model of your current TV and they just showed you the same model to buy again, you would regard that as poor customer service. Most buyers want to see the latest technology and latest developments. The difference is with TV’s you can line them up and visualise the differences. Optical lenses are all made to your individualised prescription, so you can’t do this. The Seiko Vision Xperience helps to demonstrate these differences. It will also show our customers the advantages of lens coatings and how different anti-reflection coatings are beneficial in different settings.

All prescription lenses are manufactured for the individual wearer. We take measurements of the wearer’s eyes with the position of the spectacle frame they are purchasing. With the Seiko column, we can take a multitude of very accurate measurements through a series of images. Many lenses, in particular progressive and lifestyle lenses, are developed using the measurements of lots of people to calculate the average measurements. These averages are used to produce each lens design. But Seiko has a range of individualised lenses manufactured using your unique measurements taken from the Seiko column. The Brilliance lens is one of these personalised lenses. It is made specifically for your individual measurements and lifestyle needs. We use the column in conjunction with a lifestyle questionnaire that we complete to deliver a lens designed for each wearer.

These tailor-made lenses give the wearer precise vision in the areas of the lenses that they use at the specific focal length to complete each task. The result is a more comfortable lens, giving optimum clarity, which looks better cosmetically too. There are several lenses within this series of lenses, a progressive lens, a single vision lens and a lifestyle lens specifically designed for our busy digital lifestyle.

We believe in offering the best solutions available to all our customers. Pop into the store on Manor Walk and let us give you a demonstration of the Seiko Vision Xperience and discuss the different options available for your eyewear needs.