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Silhouette Fashion Eyewear

The Silhouette eyewear collection features timeless, effortless pieces of classic designs that have really stood the test of time. Each Silhouette collection successfully achieves unparalleled lightness combined with inner strength. By using the best materials and highly skilled craftsmen they are able to create some of the world’s lightest eyewear available on the market today.

Silhouette was founded in 1964 in Austria by optical toolmaker Arnold Schmidt and his wife Annelise. They worked together with female designer Dora Demmel, selling initially into four countries, but within two years they were supplying most of Western Europe. They soon became well known for their futuristic large plastic designs, the most famous being the Futura range produced during the early ’70s which were manufactured on lurid orange or green plastic.

What set Silhouette apart at this time was the marketing strategy they introduced, which was a completely new concept and quite alien at the time. They produced an in-house magazine featuring many lifestyle articles with illustrations of fashion models wearing silhouette eyewear, but the styles were never mentioned within the text.

One of Silhouette’s key designers, a former optician and cartoonist called Balder, designed spectacles for Elton John throughout the ’70s and ’80s, including a famous bicycle frame and a pair of spectacles featuring enormous hearts and pianos. Balder’s most famous frame, the Bioframe, depicted two fists clutching the lugs.

In the late ’90s, Silhouette launched its first titanium rimless frame, the Titan Minimal Art range. This collection soon became the company’s bestseller. The Silhouette rimless eyewear collection was so successful that in 2009 Silhouette made the radical decision to abandon all of its other lines and concentrate purely on its rimless collections. Since then Silhouette has continued to twist the rimless concept to deliver beautiful, high-quality glasses and sunglasses. Their innovative approach to design and developing new production techniques continues to keep Silhouette eyewear at the forefront of the eyewear industry.

We love the proven Silhouette concept of mixing quality elements of titanium together with a tested and trusted non-screw fixing mechanism. Silhouette expresses individuality for its wearer, giving endless possibilities of colours and shapes without having to compromise on quality or wearability. With the design flair to continuously refresh the collections, it’s no wonder Silhouette won the Reddot Award in 2016.

We have always believed in the Silhouette concept of innovation, passion, and elegance coupled together with quality and craftsmanship. It’s one of the reasons why we continue to offer this iconic brand to our customers.