Six reasons why we love Theo

Theo Eyewear

Theo has been a pivotal part of our eyewear collections for the last four years. In fact, before we even opened the doors to Respectacle Company, we knew that Theo was a brand we simply had to showcase in our store. Fast forward four years and Theo remains one of our most loved eyewear designers.
As February is the month of love, we thought we would take this opportunity to share the Theo love and talk a little bit about what it is we so adore about this Belgian eyewear brand.

A work of art
Wearing Theo eyewear is like wearing a piece of art on your face. It’s no small statement, but their frames are true works of art. Theo continues to push the boundaries of aesthetics without compromising on wearability. When it comes to spectacle frames Theo doesn’t reinvent the vintage styling of classical shapes, they think outside the box. By taking inspiration from elements not normally associated with glasses, they twist convention and create imaginative, inspirational eyewear. For example, in 2009 they created the model Flandria. The functional shape of a bicycle racing helmet was ‘twisted’ to add value to it so it could be worn about town rather than in a cycling race. It was never designed as a sports wear spectacle but meant for people who wanted to stand out and therefore ‘beat the others’.

Theo Spectacles

The different ‘families’ Theo produce each year tell the story of Theo’s inventiveness. Big supporters of the fashion and arts, Theo collaborate with artists and fashion students to bring together collections showing true brilliance of imagination and technical skill. They even have their own art gallery in Antwerp.

A plethora of colour
One of the most striking elements of Theo eyewear is the vibrant colourful frames. Colour just bursts through every collection of Theo frames. Within each family there is a plethora of colour and the palette of colour combinations they unite is wildly inspiring. They reinvent the colour wheel and throw caution to the wind, mixing together a rainbow of colours. Whether it’s hot pinks, electric blues or hues of subtle blends, the Theo family have everything covered for the discerning spectacle wearer.

Theo Eyewear Collection

High quality frames
Each piece of Theo eyewear is hand crafted and finished to the highest quality, using only the best materials and technical skills. Many are made from one piece of titanium, cut and twisted so the shape flows without joins or solder points. The intricate detailing that is worked into each frame is nothing less than incredible, with many having subtle touches transforming the pieces from a pair of glasses into a conversation piece. For example, the dot to dot collection have numbers inscribed onto the finished front of the frames – connecting the dots to perfect the frame.

Instantly recognisable eyewear
We could talk about Theo eyewear forever. And we have found that when our customers wear them, they are quite often stopped in the street by complete strangers commenting on their choice of eyewear. As an eyewear brand, Theo is instantly recognisable. Our very own Alison found that to be exactly the case at her father in laws funeral last year. The gentleman who conducted the celebration of his life was in fact wearing a Theo frame and he immediately recognised that Alison and others in the congregation were also wearing Theo. Conversation was soon struck and from a very sad day it brought a few smiles. And that’s what Theo does; wearing Theo is a great conversation starter.

Theo Belgium

Wearing Theo makes us smile
It’s hard not to smile when you’re wearing a Theo frame. They create families of frames for the individual with love, colour and humour, crossing lines to bring a smile to the wearer. Even the family names, such as puzzles, dot to dot, potatoes and layer cake makes you chuckle.

Theo loves you …………. And we love Theo

At Respectacle Company in Market Harborough we have an exciting collection of Theo glasses in stock. We are one of only 29 UK opticians to feature Theo eyewear and we couldn’t be more proud to showcase such innovative eyewear. Come and take a look at the frames and try on a few pairs. Our shop in Manor Walk is open from Tuesday to Saturday. If you would like to have a chat about Theo eyewear, please contact Respectacle Company by calling 01858 433577.

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