Spring: a time to recover, rediscover and rebuild

Now the weather is hopefully starting to improve, and the buds are beginning to open, we can finally start to look forward to a new and regenerating year. The roadmap out of lockdown has been laid out, bringing with it an opportunity to recover and rediscover all of the interests and passions we have all missed so desperately over the last year.

It has been a difficult twelve months for so many people, both personally and professionally. Many people have lost loved ones, lost their jobs and businesses, and in many cases, it has been a truly devastating time. We hope the loosening of restrictions from next month is a sign that we are another step closer to a return to normality. Although after living through a pandemic, none of us will be quite the same ever again.

We should never forget all of the people who have been affected by this terrible pandemic, and especially those who have sadly passed away over the last year. Whilst reflecting on this tragedy, we should remind ourselves that it is also okay to look forward and start to rebuild what has been lost.

During the past year, we have kept in touch with our business partners and many have been incredibly supportive. We’re beyond thankful that as an essential business we have been able to open and continue to offer our eye care services to all our valued customers.

We continue to strive to look after and understand our customers’ needs, and we have been concentrating on ensuring that our environment is Covid secure. We have put in place the necessary PPE and sanitising procedures to keep both our customers and our staff safe, whilst allowing us to continue to offer our usual high standard of service.

It has been lovely to welcome back many of our customers over the last few weeks. We have started to see an increase in customer confidence. As we speak, the vaccinations are being rolled out across the nation, and more and more people are feeling confident to venture out. We are very mindful that many of our clients haven’t been outside their households or within the community for a very long time, and this has taken a toll on their confidence.

One of our clients hadn’t left her home since 5th March 2020 since she had an appointment for an eye condition. She now has a follow-up appointment and not only is she very anxious about going out, but she also doesn’t even know if she’s physically able to get in and out of a car. There must be many people who are in a similar position. We need to take care of each other and try to understand what many people are going through as we start to venture back out into society and start to rebuild our lives.

Let’s hope there will be many things to look forward to in the coming days, weeks, and months. Like holidays, celebrating special occasions with friends and family and enjoying some lovely social events. It feels so long since we have been able to enjoy these kinds of moments freely.

As we look forward to better things to come we will start to share with you some of our lovely new eyewear collections, exciting new products, and some new ideas we’ve been working on during the last few months.

We’re also going to be launching our very first newsletter later this year. Don’t forget to sign up if you’d like to be kept up-to-date about new eyewear collections, exclusive offers, and competitions.