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Starck Biotech Paris is a collection that epitomises exquisite design and functionality, offering the discerning wearer a natural extension of their personality, individuality, and authority. Each piece in this collection is timeless, built through technology, innovative, and effortlessly blends both function and design.

The designer Philippe Starck is a world-renowned designer from France and the son of Andre Starck, an aeronautics engineer. Philippe’s father has inspired him throughout his life and in particular his working career in architecture and design. Starck has put his imaginative stamp around the world on a range of over 10,000 designs, including buildings, interior design, boats, furniture, and household items. He has worked with numerous manufacturers including Italian companies Alessi – with whom he designed the iconic lemon juicer – and Kartell, the furniture manufacturer who produced his world-famous ghost chair, amongst many other classic pieces. Today many of his pieces can be seen in museums in London, New York, and Paris.

Known as one of the most influential and innovative designers of the twentieth century, Philippe Starck has designed and refurbished many buildings around the world, transforming them into famous feats of engineering and architecture. Most notably, the Nani Nani in Tokyo, Le Baron vert office complex in Osaka, a pavilion of the Groningen Museum, Paramount Hotel in New York, and the Sanderson Hotel in London to name just a few. The list is almost endless.

Starck ‘s philosophy is to bring well-designed objects which are both beautifully aesthetic and functional to the mass market, rather than only offering highly-priced one-off commissions. In doing so it has seen him design bathroom fittings, floor and wall coverings, domestic appliances, office equipment, tableware, and, in collaboration with Alain Mikli, Starck Eyes.

In 1996 Starck and Mikli revolutionised the eyewear industry by introducing glasses with a Biolink hinge. This technology launched a new type of temple hinge. True to Starck’s ethos of functionality design directly benefiting the individual – and drawing inspiration from the human body and movement – the biolink mimics the micro-clavicle. Just like the shoulder, this patented hinge technology has a 360-degree multidirectional movement. The result of this revolutionary design has given us a flexible, durable, and comfortable collection of eyewear.

In 2013 Starck Eyes was added to one of the world’s largest eyewear manufacturers, Italian-based Luxottica’s luxury portfolio. The partnership ensured that this famous brand would continue to deliver its groundbreaking eyewear on a grand scale around the world. Starck Eyes was re-launched in 2019 as Starck Biotech Paris, to ensure that the main focus of each piece was that of the Biolink hinge.

So what do you get when you couple this outstanding Biolink technology with the highest quality materials of titanium, carbon fibre and acetates? The final result is eyewear for the individual who understands quality, appreciates design and innovation but demands comfort, durability, and flexibility.