Summer is coming! Celebrate with our sunglasses from £45 special offer!

Sunglasses Offer

The last week of May has seen us enjoy some lovely sunny spring days in the UK. The warmer weather is an indicator that summer is on its way. Spring is also a good time to do some cleaning, remove unnecessary clutter and take inventory of our stock.

As many of you know, we have recently undertaken a mini makeover in the shop. To minimise the impact of disruption on customers, we have carried out these improvements in stages. It has been challenging to source some of the units and display items we wanted. But things are now almost complete, and we’ll soon be able to display all our lovely frames as we envisioned.

As we started moving stock around, we came across frames that deserve to find their forever homes. So, we’ve put together a great offer for our customers. We are offering you some luxury sunglasses at unbelievable prices. Here’s the deal:

We have non-prescription sunglasses with inner surface anti-reflection coating, which is needed to help protect your eyes from the sun, for just £45. That is a saving of over £200 on some of these pieces. These sunglasses are ideal if you don’t require a distance prescription, want to wear over contact lenses or buy them as a gift for a friend.

Most of our customers wear spectacles, and we don’t want them to miss out. Which is why we are offering prescription sun-tinted lenses with anti-reflection coating for protection at just the cost of the lenses. So, in summary, you pay for the appropriate lenses for your prescription, and we throw in the frame for free. We think it’s a great offer, and you will too, when you see the selection of frames we have available.

Summer is fast approaching, and we must protect our eyes from the sun. Unfortunately, not enough people realise the importance of sunglass protection in this country. Without going into detail about the dangers, there are harmful rays emitted by the sun which can penetrate our eyes and cause damage in and around our eyes. Think of our skin when exposed to the sun and not protected. It is the reason why we use sun cream. So why don’t we use sunglasses to help protect our eyes more? Not only that, but sunglasses are also a fashion accessory, and they can hide a multitude of sins!

LGR Sunglasses

LGR Sunglasses

While the sun’s shining, we would love you to pop into the shop and look at the sunglasses frames we are selling as part of this incredible offer. We stock an exciting range of eyewear from the likes of Woow, Booth & Bruce, Starck, Caroline Abram and more. There’s something for everyone, and once they’ve gone, they’ve gone. So, get in quick!

Woow Sunglasses

We will share some of the frames on our social channels over the coming days. If you see something you like, pop along to our Manor Walk practice! Our opening days are Tuesday to Friday, between 9 am and 5 pm. We are also open from 9 am to 4 pm on Saturdays.

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