Tips to help you choose the right glasses for your face shape – Part 2

Part two

In our previous blog post, we talked about how to find the perfect pair of glasses to suit your face shape. You may not realise that different face shapes suit different spectacle styles and shapes. But that is not all we consider when advising our customers on the best and most suitable pair of glasses for them.

From our perspective, we want our customers to feel great in their new eyewear. So we take the time to listen to our customers and consider other aspects which can influence their choices. This is something we are passionate about at Respectacle Company and it’s something we feel sets us apart from many other opticians who sometimes overlook other important factors which can make the difference in someone looking great and feeling confident wearing spectacles.

Albert I’mStein frame – The thickness of the edge helps to hide the thickness of short-sighted lenses.

Optical prescriptions and your choice of eyewear

In this second part of the blog, we look at how optical prescriptions have a big influence on the type and shape of eyewear. Everyone’s prescription is unique to them but there are some similarities that apply to different types of prescriptions.

If your prescription is only a small or simple correction, the type and shape of eyewear you choose would not be restricted by your prescription. However, should your correction be more powerful the optical lens will become thicker, and the shape or curvature of the lenses will alter which will have a bearing on the type of frames you can choose.

Myopic (near-sighted) patients tend to find their lenses are thicker at the edges of the lenses and the lens also becomes flatter as the prescription increases. People who are near-sighted experience their eyes looking smaller when wearing a minus lens. As the prescription increases a smaller and rounder lens is beneficial to help reduce the edge thickness. It is also advisable to opt for an acetate material. We would advise avoiding rimless or semi-rimless (supra) frames as this highlights the thickness of the lens edge.

In contrast to this, a customer who is hyperopia or far sighted will find their lenses are thicker in the centre, have a steeper curve and lenses can make their eyes magnify. In these situations, smaller lenses are more suitable, and the frame material can help to manage the weight and cosmetic appearance of the glasses.

As we mature presbyopia occurs, which means that regardless of whether we are far or near-sighted we need help to refocus on close-up objects. You would then require an additional add to your prescription, and we would consider a progressive or varifocal lens. With this type of prescription, the frame you choose needs to have enough depth in it to accommodate the different prescription areas within the lenses.

LGR frame – the bow on the frame works with the center thickness for a far-sighted prescription.

The importance of making sure your glasses fit properly

It is also important to ensure the fit of the frame is exact, comfortable for the wearer and will successfully hold the lenses securely. We cannot stress how important it is to make sure your new glasses fit well.

When fitting your new spectacles, we check the bridge fit of the frame. Frames have either a fixed bridge or pads on arms, and we consider the head width, temple length and the position of the frame to the wearer’s eyes. We also take measurements of the customer’s pupil distances, height measurements from the lower rim of the frame and different angles of the frame when the patient is wearing the frame. All of these factors can influence the correct fitting of the spectacles and also the part of the lens the wearer will look through when performing different tasks.

There are many different types of lenses on the optical market, different materials they are manufactured from and different manufacturing designs. All of which can both contribute to the cosmetic appearance of your eyewear and also to ensure you receive the best possible vision for your lifestyle. Keep an eye out for a blog about this subject later in the year.

Theo frame – has good depth to accommodate progressive lenses.

If your eyewear game needs a makeover, come and take a look at our fabulous collections. Please get in touch with us to make an appointment by calling 01858 433577 or you can email

We will happily discuss your options and assess all aspects which need to be considered when selecting a suitable pair of glasses, including prescription, shape and fit of frame, budget and lifestyle. As your local Market Harborough independent optical store, we have a passion for eyewear and pride ourselves on offering the best solution for your needs.

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