Award-winning Vinylize eyewear is a revelation in eyewear development.  We love the art that Vinylize has created by remodelling old vinyl records into beautiful statement pieces. Each piece is very tactile and beautifully finished, paying homage to the warm upcycled classic vinyl records that they once were.

Vinylize is a small independent European brand that pioneered the development of using vinyl records into eyewear. At their Budapest workshop, each record is lovingly and individually handcrafted over a period of many months into contemporary and very distinctive eyewear pieces. The highest quality materials and master craftsmanship are combined to create each unique piece, which portrays the love Vinylize has for music, quality and individuality.

The company was formed in 2004 by Zachary Tipton, who spent three years as an apprentice at an artisan eyewear factory in Hungary prior to starting his own company. During this time, he learned all there is to know about making eyewear. He then travelled around Europe armed with his samples, including some which have become iconic Vinylize pieces that are still part of their collection. Many of the opticians he visited during that pilgrimage became customers and are still loyal to the brand today. They are part of a network of 500 optical stores they partner with around the globe.

The Vinylize eyewear collection showcases the work of some of the best talents within the optical industry. These talents are designing and constructing awarding-winning eyewear pieces, such as the classic round Ashby, which won the Red Dot Design Award in 2016. It’s a very distinctive frame with fresh details which gives the wearer a very distinguished and unique look.

Vinylize glasses and sunglasses are created during a special process where vinyl records are fused to cellulose acetate. The materials age and shrink at different rates which allows the frame to change shape and become concave, giving the eventual wearer a comfortable fit. The frame front is black with the original grooves from the vinyl record giving a textured finish. The acetate has a mixture of colours running through it which softens the look and adds a dimension to the piece.

“A clever design that bears witness to environmental awareness is at the origin of the Vinylize Ashby glasses. Their shape is emotionally appealing.”

(Red Dot Jury statement)

You’ll always recognise and be recognised by wearing Vinylize.

Choose wisely. Buy less. Make it last.