Which eyewear suits your personality

The glasses you wear are an intrinsic part of your identity, and a reflection of your personality. While you wear them to correct your vision, glasses can also play a crucial role in creating an image you want to portray to the world. If you have ever wondered what type of eyewear is best suited to your personality, wonder no more because it’s the subject of our latest blog.

Read on to find out which of our luxury eyewear brands will perfectly match your personality. From extroverts and hipsters to fashionistas and retro lovers, we’ve rounded up the frames that are perfect for your personality type.



Gotti Switzerland if you like to keep things minimal 

Less is always more in your book. Gotti Switzerland is designed for eyewear lovers who prefer to keep things low key and minimal. People who like simple, uncomplicated frames that aren’t screaming out for too much attention. If classic conventional eyewear ticks all your boxes, you will fall head over heels for Gotti’s minimalistic design. Choose between frames with silver, grey or black tones to compliment that minimalist, classic look.


Gotti eyewear


Retro lovers will love the timeless elegance of L.G.R

Are you a bit old school? If you love rummaging around in antique shops and have a closet full of vintage, we suggest taking a good look at L.G.R. The brand has embraced traditional methods of craftsmanship with the latest technologies to produce an eyewear range that delivers timeless elegance. L.G.R eyewear is a mix of retro and trendy, with a collection inspired by the 1940s-60s. It’s the go to choice for lovers of all things retro.


Theo ticks the boxes for extroverts 

Extroverts love a bit of attention and attention is what you’ll get in spades when you wear a pair of Theo frames. We’re talking bold, bright and colourful specs with eye-catching shapes that allow you to express your individualism and unique personality. Theo eyewear is for people who like to be different and stand out from the crowd. Make no mistake; Theo has delivered a fully-fledged fashion accessory that for some may be a little too out there. But if you like to experiment and consider yourself to be outgoing and confident, Theo is your match made in heaven.



Booth & Bruce is perfect for funky and fashionable hipsters 

Hipsters love to be funky and fashionable and British eyewear designer Booth & Bruce’s collections include frames that any true hipster would be proud to own. Think thick retro frames in tortoiseshell and black, with heavy set nose bridges that deliver a classic contemporary look. Booth & Bruce eyewear is as unique as it is individual. The brand doesn’t confirm to the rules and is perfect for people who like to be outside of what’s generally considered mainstream. In the Booth & Bruce world unconventional is cool.


Channel your inner geek with Albert I’mStein 

Unfashionable is the new fashionable. Geek chic is anything but boring when it comes to eyewear. It’s become a very trendy look, largely due to the popularity of celebrities, actors and musicians channelling their inner nerds for the world to see. Eyewear that falls into the geek chic category is a mix of classic and vintage retro styles. Something Polish brand Albert I’mStein seems to do so well, with emphasis on geeky, oversize frames. There was a time when wearing glasses was more of a symbol of intelligence than a fashion statement. With geek chic eyewear it’s actually both. Albert I’mStein is sure to appeal to your inner nerd.


Vinylize is the perfect match for music lovers 

You know that your favourite music says a lot about your personality. Well if you’re an eyewear wearing music lover and vinyl aficionado, Vinylize is a brand that is sure to speak volumes to you. Vinylize is a Hungarian company who upcycle old vinyl records into stylish eyewear. Their frames have been created for and worn by some very cool names in the music business, including Robbie Williams and Fred Durst. Their frames are striking and bold, and feature subtle details, such as guitar-shaped temple tips. Best of all, you can make your eyewear even more personal by using your own vinyl records, and Vinylize will make it into the coolest of frames. How’s that for 100% unique? Oh, and even their glasses cases are made from 7 inch singles. What’s not to love?


Vinylize eyewear


FEB 31st wooden eyewear for people who care about the planet 

You care about the environment and want to do your bit for the planet. Just like FEB31st eyewear. This ethical eyewear company from Italy makes bespoke glasses from sustainable wood. Like you they believe we all have a responsibility to protect the planet. So they have taken one of Earth’s natural resources to create a gorgeous range of sustainable eyewear. Each frame by FEB31st is handmade from 13 layers of coloured sustainable wood, and with over 40 colours to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. With FEB 31st your glasses will be as unique as this beautiful planet.


FEB 31st eyewear


Caroline Abram for lovers of all things fashion 

You’re a lover of fashion. You pour over fashion magazines and keep up to date with all the latest trends. You’re forward-thinking and like to be ahead of the game with your eyewear. You pay great attention to detail and pride yourself on being on trend. In eyewear fashion, there’s no bigger name than Caroline Abram. Think ornate accents, geometric shapes and cat’s eyes. The devil is in the detail with Caroline Abram eyewear. For fashion enthusiasts and trend setters, this Parisian eyewear designer will more than live up to expectations.


Dare to be different with Dutz

Your friends describe you as eccentric and a little bit out there. An eternal optimistic with a mischievous sense of humour, you’re a little unconventional, a little unorthodox. Much like Dutz eyewear. With its vibrant contrasting colours and eccentric designs, Dutz is for lovers of colour who like their eyewear to pop. Made in the Netherlands, the brand is quirky and fun-loving, with a real eye for creating daring and distinctive frames. If that sounds like your kind of thing, Dutz glasses will be right up your street.




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