Be cautious when buying online contact lenses

Contact Lenses Online

With Halloween just around the corner and the opportunity to buy many different devilish designed contact lenses over the internet, we advise everyone to be careful when purchasing these products. Many online sellers are not regulated as we are when supplying contact lenses.

Contact lenses are a medical device and require a valid prescription. But with some cosmetic contact lenses, a prescription isn’t required. Online companies do not always have to follow the same guidelines and regulations we do. So you won’t know if the lenses are stored correctly, which could lead to issues with your eyes, including eye infections.

As an independent optical store in the UK, we are regulated by our governing bodies to ensure we offer a high standard and the correct duty of care to our contact lens customers. This includes regular assessments to check the health of the eye. It’s important to ensure that your eyes receive the right amount of oxygen when wearing contact lenses and that they are correctly fitted for comfort, optimum vision and remain healthy.

Buying online is indeed very often cheaper than purchasing through an independent optician. But purchasing online removes the peace of mind you get when purchasing through an optical practice. There is a real risk that the contact lenses might not be suitable for you. We assess prescription, length of wear, durability and material composition to offer the best options for your lifestyle needs. All of these checks and assessments will reduce the possible risk factors associated with wearing contact lenses.

With our comprehensive aftercare service, we can continually monitor the health of your eyes to ensure they are not compromised by overuse or poor hygiene procedures that can lead to eye infections and other complications. An online supplier cannot complete these vital checks, which puts the wearer at risk.

Reading your prescription correctly is also important when purchasing over the internet. Online contact lens suppliers don’t usually verify your prescription. So if you have input the details incorrectly, you run the risk of blurred vision, discomfort and unusable contact lenses.

We want you to enjoy wearing contact lenses because they are a great alternative or addition to your eyewear portfolio. But please do your research about the supplier before you purchase to ensure you are not risking the health of your eyes. And always follow these guidelines:

  • Follow the guidance of your optician
  • Have regular aftercare check-ups
  • Follow the hygiene procedure as instructed by your contact lens practitioner
  • Never sleep in your contact lenses
  • Don’t use tap water to rinse your contact lenses
  • Don’t continue to use the contact lens longer than the prescribed period
  • Have a break and rest your eyes from wearing contact lenses. Switch to wearing spectacles occasionally or in the evenings.
  • If you experience a problem, such as soreness, red-eye or blurred vision, remove the lens immediately and contact your optician.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about contact lenses. We can discuss the options available to suit your lifestyle and budget. Get in touch by calling 01858 433577 or fill in the contact form on our website.

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