Why it’s important to have regular eye examinations

Eye Test

We often talk about the importance of having regular eye examinations because we can see so much about our general health through the health of our eyes. Many eye conditions can be treated or controlled if diagnosed early enough. If left undetected, they can cause sight loss. Regular eye examinations can also detect diabetes and tumours.

Having regular check-ups will also help to improve your day-to-day lifestyle choices. For example, as we get older, it becomes increasingly difficult to read the small print. Often straining or squinting to read something results in headaches or tired, sore eyes – especially after a long day working at a computer.

As these changes tend to happen slowly over time, we often don’t realise until we are experiencing quite a lot of difficulty with our day-to-day activities. Having regular eye examinations helps to monitor these types of changes and ensure reading spectacles are prescribed at the appropriate time.

Eye Test

We only prescribe spectacles to customers who do genuinely need them. So, once you need to wear glasses, you probably will always need them. Your eyes change throughout your life, as the rest of your body does. Just think of glasses as an aid to help you see more clearly and not because you become reliant on them.

As technology improves. spectacle lenses have become more sophisticated and have adapted to the world we live in. We live in a ‘digital era’ of laptops, smartphones, tablets, zoom calls, and endless hours trawling through the internet recently. There are some great lenses to help our eyes relax, even after many hours spent glued to our smartphones.

The Seiko Smartzoom Lens is just one such product. The lens features an invisible ‘button’ in the lower part of the lens, providing the wearer with a little magnification to ease the strain of reading on digital devices.

Playing sport can also be uncomfortable at times, depending on the weather conditions. Squinting against the sun when cycling, playing golf, sailing, or fishing can detract from the pleasure of the activity. But with the benefit of the correct sports eyewear, polarised or photochromic lenses will protect your eyes from UV light which can be very damaging over time and can accelerate cataract and macular degeneration. And in turn, they will make the sporting activity you’re participating in much more enjoyable.

We also have a duty to get our eyes checked regularly. There is a legal requirement to ensure that we have a specific level of vision to drive a vehicle. We need to keep ourselves and other people on the highway safe. Many road traffic accidents are attributed to poor vision and driving below the legal guidelines. Regular eye examinations will keep your vision as sharp as possible and help avoid such incidents.

If you are overdue an eye examination, or are experiencing changes in your vision, please give us a call on 01858 433 577 so we can arrange for an eye health check-up with our optometrist Tim. Alternatively, fill out our online appointment booking form and we can get you booked in for an eye test.

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