In the Frame with… Kate Anderson

Welcome to our latest ‘In the Frame’ interview. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, it’s where we pose a series of questions to one of our customers regarding their eyewear experience with Respectacle Company. It’s also a great opportunity to shine the spotlight onto a local business or individual.

This month we’re talking to Kate Anderson, who runs her own copywriting and social media marketing company. Kate trained as a journalist and, prior to going freelance, worked as a content creator for a local digital media agency.

We caught up with Kate to talk about her eyewear choices, what she likes most about wearing glasses and what inspires her when she chooses a new frame.

What influenced you to choose the glasses you’re wearing?

Well for starters I really love the name. I’m wearing a frame by Woow Eyewear and it’s just such a fun and funky brand. I don’t really like the process of buying new glasses but I spent quite a bit of time with Alison looking at different frames. With her help I managed to narrow down my choices to about three or four pairs. It surprised me that there were so many frames I liked. I usually struggle to find glasses I actually like, but I just loved the look of these Woow frames. Plus they are so comfortable to wear and really well made.

Do you struggle to find glasses to suit you?

Yes, very much so. Before becoming a Respectacle customer, I always used to go to one of the well known high street opticians and I hated the process of choosing glasses. It took me forever and even when I picked a frame I still wasn’t entirely happy with my choice. The options seemed limited and nothing really stood out to me or had the wow factor. But it’s a totally different story with Respectacle. I found it hard to choose just one pair and that never happens. I eventually settled on two pairs, the Woow frame and another one by L.G.R. It was a tough choice because I liked both pairs so much. I kind of wished afterwards that I’d brought both of them.

What do you like most about wearing spectacles?

I like that glasses have become a cool fashion accessory. And I like that wearing spectacles can make me look more professional.

How many pair of specs do you own?

Just the one. Although I would like to get another pair at some stage. And maybe a pair of prescription sunglasses too.

What do you look for when buying glasses?

First and foremost, they have to suit me. Choosing glasses is like buying clothes. Just because something looks good on the shelf it doesn’t mean it’ll look good on me! I love some of the really big chunky frames, but because I’ve got quite a small face they are too big, won’t fit and just don’t suit me. When buying glasses I always look for a frame that is well made and comfortable to wear. I’m also driven by colour, as much as I am the shape and style of the frame. I usually go for frames in dark colours like brown, black or tortoiseshell.

Who is your favourite famous glasses wearer?

Have you seen the Netflix film ‘Always Be My Maybe’? The main character (played by Ali Wong) wears some really fabulous eyewear. On a lesser famous note, I think Alison (from Respectacle) really knows how to rock some great eyewear.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced having to wear prescription spectacles?

That would be wearing glasses and participating in various sports. That’s why I also wear contact lenses, and have for years. Although as I’ve gotten older and my prescription has changed, wearing contact lenses has become more problematic and I’ve had to learn to compromise. I’ve also recently switched to wearing varifocal lenses, and I have found that I struggle with computer work. So more often than not I don’t wear them when I’m working on my computer. Although not exactly a challenge, I don’t like wearing my glasses when it’s raining. I kind of wish they had built in windscreen wipers, although that would be really weird!

If you had perfect vision would you still wear glasses as a fashion accessory?

I probably would occasionally.

Would you say you’re style conscious when it comes to eyewear?

Oh yes. I would always go for the well known designer brand names when I shopped at the big high street opticians. I used to think that if I wore a famous brand I was being stylish. But since purchasing my eyewear from Respectacle I’m not driven by the brand names. I mean, I’d never even heard of any of the eyewear brands Respectacle partner with. But they stock some amazing collections which are fresh and funky and designed by the best eyewear designers in the business. You can’t get better than that.

Favourite film

I love watching films and have so many favourites, it’s hard to name just one. The Notebook, Crazy, Stupid, Love and Me Before You are films I will happily watch again and again.

Favourite place

That’s much easier to answer. Western Australia.

Favourite food

I don’t have one favourite food. I love fresh seafood, especially lobster. And pizza. I also love a proper roast dinner with lots of gravy. Oh, and chips and gravy. I just love gravy!

Thank you Kate, for taking the time to answer our questions so thoroughly. If you’re a small business in need of a content writer, or require some help with your social media, get in touch with Kate for an informal chat. Send an email to or give her a call on 07951 061 383. You can find out more about Kate by visiting her website.

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