What’s new from FEB31st eyewear


With it being February, it feels like the perfect opportunity to highlight one of our favourite brands here at Respectacle Company. Of course, we love all our collections – each brings a different perspective to eyewear. However, it’s a bit like having children. We love them all equally. But each brand has attributes which make them unique and individual.

FEB31st is an eyewear collection made from wood. So, why is it called FEB31st, given the date doesn’t exist? The manufacture of wooden spectacle frames was said to be impossible. The company’s founders were told it wouldn’t be possible. But the FEB31st team set about proving that incorrect. And today they produce exquisite handmade, bespoke eyewear in the colour combination of your choice. The name seemed to fit perfectly.

It is difficult to say “new things” from FEB31st eyewear because everything they produce is new. If you weren’t already aware, they make their spectacle frames to order, so each one is as individual as its wearer. Here at the practice, we have an array of colours to offer our customers and the facility to build a bespoke FEB31st frame. Each frame comprises thirteen layers of wood, so the colour layering has endless choices.

FEB31st Collection

Since stocking this collection, we have had great fun combining different colourways and blocking to create unique frames. But the FEB31st team are continuously ramping things up and creating new varieties to get us excited. They release new shapes into their infinite collection and offer new ways to mix colour combinations with different blocking areas and angles. If you don’t see something available, ask the question, “is it possible” and it always is!

FEB31st have even introduced magnetic sun clips to match or clash with your ophthalmic specs. The FEB31st sun clip is a fabulous and cost-effective eyewear solution for anyone who wears glasses and finds it frustrating to have to carry separate sunglasses when out and about, just in case the weather changes. And we all know how changeable British weather can be!

FEB31st Sun Clips

With the FEB31st combo, you slip the coordinating sun clip into a slim bag or pocket within its protective case. While the initial outlay of this versatile eyewear system isn’t the cheapest, neither is the cost of a pair of ophthalmic spectacles and prescription sunglasses. Another bonus is should your prescription change – and you need to update your eyewear – we are happy to re-glaze your bespoke frame with your new lenses. And that’s the cost of just one pair of lenses rather than having to pay for both clear and tinted lenses. It’s a win-win situation.

FEB31st Collections

The FEB31st team have recently introduced some new designs. We’ve just returned from the Mido trade show in Milan and saw some of the latest releases from FEB31st, including some rimless models. Most eyewear lovers have a love/hate relationship with rimless glasses. We’re not usually the biggest fans of rimless eyewear because we prefer eyewear that makes a statement. However, we like FEB31st’s take on rimless eyewear. With classic, clean, minimal vibes, they feature a colourful twist on the bridge and their signature bespoke wooden sides. Alison likes them so much, she has already ordered a pair to add to her collection!

FEB31st at Milan Trade Show

Our range of FEB31st eyewear can be viewed by popping into the practice. We are open Tuesday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. The shop is open every Saturday too, from 9 am to 4 pm. Stop by for a chat, enjoy a coffee and have a browse. We’d love to see you!

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