What’s New from Starck, Theo and Woow Eyewear

We are constantly looking at new collections and eyewear launches. But we are also topping up our existing collections, as new models are released each season. Over the last few months, here at Respectacle Company, we’ve had some deliveries from our optical suppliers. We’re excited to add some new collections to our existing stock.

First up, we want to tell you about our new Woow frames. Woow is well known for its flirtatious fun and vibrant colours. Their latest Winter collection – inspired by holidays, travel, and airlines – is no different.

After lockdowns and travel restrictions, many of us now want to take a holiday and travel further afield. So, the timing of this new collection couldn’t be better. It’s time to board Woow Airlines and get a better look at the exciting new models, Break Free, On Board, First Class and Fly away.

Fly Away and Break Free are metal frames with acetate inserts within the metal rims. This combination gives a different dimension to a traditional metal-rimmed spectacle frame. The swirling colours within each acetate block blend beautifully together and enhance the shape of each model. One of our favourite models, Fly Away 1, has a little ‘wing’ on each temple, which elevates this model from its original panto shape into a striking panto with a twist of colourful fun.

Woow Collections

Left Woow Fly Away, – Middle Woow On Board, – Right Woow Break Free

We have also taken delivery of On Board. This funky angular acetate frame is available in a variety of lovely translucent colours, from greens and blues to more traditional tortoiseshell and the ever-popular crystal. It’s a real showstopper for both ladies and gents.

Next, we’ve had some new arrivals from Starck Biotech Paris. Many of you will have heard of Philippe Starck, a renowned designer. He is famous for designing everything from household items, one of the most well-known being the iconic lemon squeezer, in collaboration with Alessi, the ghost chair, with Kartell, right through to hotel and restaurant projects, such as the Sanderson Hotel in London and the Mondrian in Los Angeles.

Philippe Starck’s designs are always beautiful, but he also emphasises the importance of functionality. And functionality plays a vital role in Starck eyewear. Starck introduced the ‘biolink’ hinge, which he developed after studying the human body and the movement of the shoulder. This hinge replicates the 360-degree multidirectional movement within the shoulder joint. Coupled with quality materials such as titanium and acetate and highly skilled engineering mechanics has resulted in a quality product which gives the wearer great comfort and flexibility whilst remaining true to the Starck ethos of style and functionality.

Starck New Collection

We have stocked Starck for a few years and have recently added some of their latest shapes and colours. The new stock is bang on trend and features new translucent greys, crystals, and green colours alongside the classic staple colours. So, there’s something for everyone. We have a problem keeping them in stock because the new Starck frames fly out the door.

We’ve also taken delivery of some new Theo frames. Always a favourite, Theo eyewear has recently launched a couple of new ‘families’, including one based on pinball machines. We have new models, Bumper, Spinner, and Stopper, all in the usual rainbow of vibrant colour combinations that Theo is famous for and that we love. We’ve also topped up on frames from the racing track collection, such as Le Mans, as more colour combos get introduced.

Theo New Collection

If you are keen to treat yourself to new eyewear for the new year, please visit our Manor Walk store in Market Harborough. You can also shop some of our collections online, including Starck and Woow. With more than a dozen brands to choose between, we have something for everyone. So come and browse our exciting eyewear collections. It’s a new year’s resolution worth making!