Astrology Inspired Eyewear: The Best Glasses for Your Star Sign – Part One

From the moment we are born, as seldom as we may think of them, star signs are assigned to us all, all through the uncontrollable fate that is the date on which we are born.

How many times have you heard someone say that someone born at the end of March is headstrong and fiery, whilst someone born in early January is practical and dependable? These are often assumptions based on our star signs.

Whether you are a follower of the astrological movements, and the mystical energies which these celestial bodies exude, and how they affect you, or whether you are sceptic, embracing these star signs, and the traits which each embodies, they are a tool in helping us to make the most of ourselves.

So, if you have ever wondered what your star sign could look like in spectacle form, we have done the leg work. It is time to reveal our frame choices based on the twelve star signs.

Aries – 21st March – 19th April

Albert I’mstein Zigzag 2 C3

Albert I’mstein Zigzag 2 C3

Starting with Aries, the first sign in the astrological charts. If you are an Aries, you are said to love being number one. Represented by the charging Ram and ruled by Mars – the Roman God of War – Aries is often summarised as fiery, a leader, competitive, and pioneering. They like to take risks, try new experiences, and are passionate and full of fire. Basically, anything but boring. It is no surprise that the signature colour linked to Aries is red and the various shades within this palate.

We have selected this Albert I’mstein Zigzag 2 in colour code C3, to symbolise the sign in our own unique way. The frame, like the sign, is bold, and the accent detail of the bridge we liken to the flames which burn within the sign’s fiery temperament. Aries people like to take risks. So, choosing a vibrant red frame would be in keeping with their personality. Boring black frames which saturate the market will not appeal to an Aries.


Taurus – 20th April – 20th May

Vinylize Brubeck L JCH2

Vinylize Brubeck L

One of the most reliable signs, Taurus are known for being rigid, loyal, and devoted. Ruled by Venus, people born under this sign enjoy planning a relaxing experience or indulging themselves and their physical needs.

As an Earth sign, Taurus can also be practical and grounded. But people born under this sign – symbolised by the Bull – can be known for bouts of stubbornness.

For this Earth sign, we have chosen a solid and reliable brand with a reputation for consistent quality pieces. We are talking about Vinylize, particularly the Brubeck L, in a lovely tortoiseshell handmade acetate, coupled with a clear vinyl record pinned to the front to give that signature Vinylize look.

Coloured with earthy tones and a solid statement frame, we think Vinylize and Taurus are a match made in heaven – or rather, written in the stars.


Gemini – 21st May – 20th June

LGR Farah 39

L.G.R. Farah

Spontaneous, affectionate, curious, and erratic. These adjectives are the recurring descriptions that arise when researching the Gemini star sign.

Represented as the Twins, Gemini people feel the need to split themselves in two to maintain their busy social and work-life balance. Ruled by Mercury, the planet has strong links with communication, which, combined with their air sign traits, can describe these individuals as analytical but also flirty.

Considering all traits listed for Gemini, along with their colour psychology often linking with yellows, we have selected this beautiful L.G.R Farah for the perfect pairing. The handmade frame is a blend of metal and acetate. With its twin materials, the Farah is the ideal representative of the sign, the Twins. Classic fashion, yet unmistakeably sophisticated. It is a description that can apply to the L.G.R Farah and the wonderous Geminis who take inspiration for this blog.


Cancer – 21st June – 22nd July

Caroline Abram Willow 614

Caroline Abram Willow

As you may expect from a sign represented by a Crab, Cancer is a water sign which means they tend to be more in touch with their emotions. Compassionate, empathetic, and intuitive describe this star sign accurately and offer insight into the individuals who are born underneath this star sign.

Cancer is associated with the Moon, which is appropriate for a water sign when the Moon is so influential over the tides.

Caroline Abram may have considered the Cancer sign when they designed and launched the Willow, chosen in colour 614. The soft and delicate colouring will complement almost every wearer, whilst the roundness of the shape will soften all face shapes.

The frame is like moonlight, with a soft pink translucent acetate coupled with a beautiful and delicate rose gold stainless steel frame.


 Leo – 23rd July – 22nd August

Theo Plan 476

Theo Plan

Vivacious, dramatic, and fiery. Are we describing the Theo Plan, or are we talking about a Leo? In truth, it’s both. Sure, Leos are also known to be loyal and courageous too. But we expect this of a sign ruled by the Sun and represented by the majestic Lion.

Leos are the King and Queen of the celestial jungle. Like Aries and Sagittarius, they are fire signs. These fire signs are known for their independence, their confidence, and for being passionate and artistic. These traits pair exceptionally well with the Theo Plan, designed by the internationally acclaimed Matali Crasset.


Virgo – 23rd August – 22nd September

Albert I’mstein Nelly 8 C2

Albert I’mStein Nelly

Virgos are logical, industrious, methodical, and practical. The earth sign is ruled by the planet Mercury and represented by the Maiden or the Virgin. Virgos are often associated with wheat and agriculture, and the Earth elemental sign links to their grounded nature.

Linking in with Mercury – the Roman God of interpreters and translators and the messenger of the Roman Gods – Virgos can be described as speedy, hardworking, helpful, and fiercely clever.

Virgo’s descriptions and characteristics tie in well with the ethos of the Albert I’mStein brand that seeks ‘to provide quality and good design to the widest possible audience who are looking for a creative, original outlook’.

This eyewear brand originates from Poland and manufactures using high-quality materials in Korea. The main elements of acetate and titanium mix with slight deviations from the standardised shapes that flood the market. Read more in our blog about eyewear shapes.

The Nelly 8 in colour choice C2 brings the reliability of titanium, which is coupled with the earthen tones of the Olive acetate insert, to provide a sophisticated look, which will serve you well as you run from one job to another and look just as good in a social setting.


And that concludes the first part of our astrology inspired eyewear blog. In part two, we will reveal our frame choices for the remaining six star signs.


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